June Bride (One Shot)

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“I love you,” I wrote.


A pure white feeling from the heart.


I’ve heard that a June Bride would be happy.


That’s why I pray that we will be overflowing with happiness.


Sometimes, I’d dream of that cold and rainy June night.


The sound of a car quietly stopping mingles with the lonely raindrops flickering on the window.


The scene I should have forgotten, keeps coming back to me, again and again.


Don’t cry.

Please, don’t cry.

I beg you, please don’t feel sad.


I wanted to tell you but I wake up without being able to.


Over and over again.


I am the June Bride of Sorrow.


I wonder why.


When you lose something, your heart feels like it’s ripped apart.


It’s painful.


Please don’t go.


I don’t know how many times I’ve whispered that.


But the silhouette of the car just gets smaller as I stare at it amidst the cold rain.


For a long, long time.


A June Bride is surrounded with colors of happiness, it should be beautiful.


I had hoped that when two people are together, there would be joy in every day.


Loving you is painful. Painful.


On a white paper, with a white pen, for you,


“I love you,”


I wrote simply.


A pure white feeling.


Please, in your heart…

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  1. Aru · May 3, 2019

    Maybe this tells about the girl's fears about her confession? She keeps on dreaming about a certain fear that she might get rejected.

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  2. B · Apr 15, 2018

    woww the feels...i want to know the story but i kinda don't at the same time. Thanks for this.

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  3. Helen · Mar 5, 2018

    i came in expecting fluffy stuff </3

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  4. SweetPotato · Dec 26, 2017

    Reminds me of the song Midnight Blue by Electric Light Orchestra. What I found beautiful in this rather short piece is that it seems to fall gracefully and lightly like a snowflake and I watch it land on the palm of my hand and melts away, leaving behind a subtle coldness and a drop of tear. In a dream, during a blizzard, they are together, but she loses sight of the other. She keeps tracing the footsteps he leaves behind, yet the snow keeps piling up, burying and erasing them one by one until she finds herself lost in the middle of nowhere, forever searching and waiting.

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  5. Rumby · Dec 26, 2017


    Thank you for translating though

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    • Canary · Proofreader · Dec 27, 2017

      thank you >//< I cant believe people actually read it!

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  6. Snow · Dec 26, 2017

    I guess it's like the weather in June

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  7. Alvory · Dec 26, 2017

    Um....I understand that I don’t understand anything.

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    • Canary · Proofreader · Dec 27, 2017

      It's so confusing!
      I was arguing with my editor & TLC on what it actually means @-@
      Was the mc the one betraying (marrying another) or betrayed (left behind before marrying another)!?

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  8. Meep · Dec 26, 2017

    Burn everything down! Roars..........destroys..............sniff...........finally sits down in a pile of ashes to weep....... T-T

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  9. Godders123 · Dec 26, 2017

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