Lord and Dragon: Chapter 1

Our first project! >w< I’m terrible at writing these… so you can probably just ignore everything I say……..

Eto~ I’m toomutchayuzu (disclaimer: in no way of any relation to matcha or yuzu on NUF)!

I’ve always loved dragons since I was young, and I wanted to translate a novel for this site founded by Bunny and Bobby, so there was no better way to this than pick up a super short and sweet novel! Lord and Dragon (L&D) is a 20 chapter chinese novel about a young lord of a small territory befriending a Western-style dragon… with a male x male fluffy romance pairing (human x dragon)!

It’s really moe and totally not serious. The author is a troll too!

But I really like dragons, and there’s not enough dragons on NU, off we go jumping out of the window!

Let’s try out best!

………….(I know you’re looking at me weird…….)

Well… that’s if yuzu can actually figure out how to use wordpress……… :sweatblob:

Oh by the way, did you know the author of this novel is a blob too?!

Author = 大圆子 = big round ball… which is basically as one of these!

Anyways I’ll shut up now so you can read peacefully without a nutcase blob rambling in your ear.

Here’s Chapter 1

Translator: toomutchayuzu
Editor: Agent Psyx o7
Translation Checker: blobber

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  1. Anonymous · Jul 21, 2022

    Ok, your intro was the best I've read, I don't know what you're talking about "terrible at writing these."

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  2. Cosmically_Fiction · Feb 27, 2021

    Yaay! Dragons! And cute little lord!

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  3. Cosmically_Fiction · Feb 27, 2021

    Yaay dragons! And cute little lord!

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  4. RenTheWitch · Jun 30, 2019

    Dragons! Dragons! DRAGONS!

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  5. Anonymous · Dec 14, 2017

    Hi, i was interested in reading this but when i clicked the link for chapter 1, only error 404 page not found 😢 is it removed?

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    • blobber · Translation Checker · Dec 14, 2017

      Try this link: https://www.blobtranslations.com/lord-and-dragon/lord-and-dragon-chapter-1/

      Also, I fixed it so it should link to the right page. Thanks for telling us!

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  6. phyrigia · Oct 14, 2017

    Thank you so much.
    That egg heads so cute.

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