Lord and Dragon Chapter 10


The L&D team has a new member now — another fellow comrade in rottenness, YoshiiQ!! With Chapter 10 as her debut work, Yoshii-senpai will be helping us out as a co-editor so kindly give her a warm welcome~

Speaking of which, we have so many new novels and members now:

  • Perfect Superstar by the chuuni duo D&D (DeathRZero + DarkShadowScorch)  and burdie proofreader Canary
  • Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke by the awe-mazing Wenhia (Wenhui, the super translator + Reekahia, the ghost editor),  valiant lady proofreader Blooming Frost, and our star translation-checker Blobber
  • Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki by editor-lured-to-the-dark-side-that-is-mtl Innocent Puppy, rotten editor Ars, and high-fantasy-novel loving translation-checker AdCaelum
  • And last but certainly not the least, My Youth Begins With Loving You by the fluffy idol unit Renai (Nyaarenne + Aiki), and Blobber the (perhaps overworked?) translation-checker!

Oh, oh! Blob Translations also has a Discord server so come drop by and say hi! (And maybe squeal over our moe moe uke-chan and kuudere dragon-sama with us and other fans?  )

Anyway, have fun with this chapter~

EditorAgent Psyx o7YoshiiQ
Translation Checkerblobber

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