Lord and Dragon Chapter 13

Sorry it’s late, but here’s Chapter 13! *presents box of tissue paper as token of apology*

I wanna go cry over the red ‘Tardy’ mark in our attendance sheet, but last chapter’s snusnu references are more important!!! At last, our uke and dragon-sama have done the deed! *sprinkles red beans everywhere* *sobs: I am so proud of you~*

Oh, btw — we now have keyboard navigation (right arrow key for next chapter and left arrow key for previous chapter) for PC users, and swipe navigation (right-to-left for next chapter and left-to-right for previous chapter) for mobile users! \o/

Translator: toomutchayuzu
Editor: Agent Psyx o7
Translation Checker: blobber
Proofreader: Agent Psyx o7

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