Lord and Dragon Chapter 9

Happy Valentines Day!

Eh? Wrong season……………? Oops. Have Chapter 9 anyways!

Eto, the actual title of this chapter in Chinese in the raw is: “521”

Weird, isn’t it? Well, actually it’s tiny bit of Chinese internet culture here. Similar to how 3/14 is pie (π) day in the US, 5/21 in China is Valentines Day in the digital world of memes! Why? Well, it’s actually because the numbers sound a little like: “I love you”

521 = wu er yi = wo ai ni = 我爱你 (I love you)

So to translate this, I couldn’t help but take liberties to change the title from: 521 = I<3U

Is it too cheesy? Oh well, the author originally published this chapter on 5/21 (Valentines Day), so deal with it!



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