Perfect Superstar Chapter 28

Hey guys,

So.. don’t beat me up for this but Chapter 28 was translated and edited like a month ago. I swear that I posted the chapter back then but apparently I didn’t… Here’s the link to the chapter. For the readers that care and have an opinion, please read the post later today.

Chapter 28

Translator: DSS
Editor: DSS
Proofreader: Olivia/Kage

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  1. erufen · Mar 13, 2018

    I'm here for the long haul. Thanks for ur hard work.

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Mar 14, 2018

      No problem my dude!

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  2. CrystalMoon · Mar 12, 2018

    Hey! I love this novel till now and I'm really happy you guys are translating it! ^^
    That said, about Qidian, I'm almost 80% sure you shouldn't get into any 'trouble' per say, but... well you might have to drop the novel and also they may take your translations (again not sure about this, some novels start from the beginning, some done on there).
    And I'm all for the mtl idea! Honestly I translate too, but with now being exam season and just entrances, I decided to go mtl but edited and it seems to work just fine, so to me mtl is great!

    Again thank you so much for translating <33

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Mar 12, 2018

      Hey CrystalMoon!
      Thanks for responding to my ramblings. I think I'm becoming rather apathetic to Qidian. It's more like, I (personally) started the translating process because I enjoyed the story and wanted to provide a way for others to read it. I am actually in the latter half of the 500s chapter-wise so its rather weird for me to come back to the earlier chapters. I would still care if they ended up picking up the story and would obviously be hurt if they took the chapters or something but after I realized how powerless I am in the grand scheme of things, I grew kinda apathetic. The only bad part of that is this caused me to lose motivation and kinda think, "well, let's hope the readers request it enough on the forums and go from there." I, personally, don't have any real attachment to the project simply since I didn't start it and I could live without it. The comments from readers helped with the motivation a lot but the lack of comments or meaningful input turned me off. It was like, why should I do this? It's not like I need to translate this. I don't gain anything from this. Yada yada. So very cynical and pessimistic attitude. It also happened to collide with my real life issues like college applications, senior activities, and extracurricular activities. A couple people in the staff (especially my proofreaders) had to really dig me out of that hole but it's kinda weird for me honestly.
      As for MTL, I'm going to do a couple quick chapters to try out the speed and see how the quality/time ratio works out. What translation do you do? I'll check it out ^^
      Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. See you around!

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      • CrystalMoon · Mar 15, 2018

        Yeah.. sometimes when you yourself don't like the novel honestly it kinda gets hard to translate. I can relate. Plus with the whole "someone might takeover" thing and no response from readers it's just not enough I guess.
        I ditched the few light novels I was doing only because it was just too much time taking and readers, well comments really help.
        I translate mostly Japanese because my Chinese is not good enough to tl the books I like, and Korean is harder for me. With exams and everything I decided put stuff on hold.
        But I totally if you don't go in with the project, I hope you find a book you like better! xD I'll make sure to comment though to show support!
        <3 thank you so much translating till now.

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        • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Mar 16, 2018

          Thank YOU for empathizing and letting me know what you think. Comments make me realize that real life people are actually reading and care about my work. I personally make a conscious effort to support smaller works. Sometimes a little thank you from a reader is all it takes for me to push a chapter out when it’s midnight and my coffee has gone cold. Morale is a really weird thing honestly.

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  3. Lucis · Mar 12, 2018

    Thanks for posting! Will updates be two chapters a week now?

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Mar 12, 2018

      Check out the new post. Looking for opinions and input for update schedules.

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  4. jacobpaige · Mar 12, 2018

    I'm basically of the opposite opinion of Zalphric. The excessively slow and completely unreliable translation speed is the only reason I'm dropping this series. There's no point in trying to read it if the delays between chapters are so great that I can't remember who any of the characters are, what they were doing or why.

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Mar 12, 2018

      Sad to hear that. A lot of the real life issues started showing up during the time but I won't make any excuses. All the best!

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  5. Zalphric · Mar 12, 2018

    Doesn't matter, as long as you post it. Thanks again for taking the time out to help us lazy people get something fun to read.

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Mar 12, 2018

      Thanks for reading and commenting ^^

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