Perfect Superstar Chapter 29

Hey guys!

Surprise! 2 Chapters in 1 week! Don’t expect it though. I wanted to push this chapter out quickly to thank those that responded to my posts and let me know they genuinely care. Special shoutout to CrystalMoon, kirindas, lurkerteacup, and anasia for their long comments. It means a lot to me to see comments and even more so that you guys took the time to type all of it out.

After some deliberation and taking into account public opinion, I decided to try out MTL for this chapter. I MTLed most parts then manually translated the weird parts myself. This chapter has not been proofread but the quality should be decent.

The new update schedule will be at least one chapter every two weeks but I want to make it one a week if possible. If I release a chapter that week, the chapter will be released Saturday night at 11:00PM EST. This will give me some leeway in case something comes up. Spring break for me is in 2 weeks so I will be able to do some stuff that week to stockpile and actually translate 7,8 and 9.

Without much further ado,

Chapter 29 – Invitation

Translator: DSS
Editor: DSS
Proofreader: Olivia

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  1. Zalphric · Mar 19, 2018

    Once again, thanks for translating another chapter.

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Mar 19, 2018

      Woot, you're welcome

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