Perfect Superstar Chapter 3

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay. Finals and a whole bunch of other deadlines got in the way but I managed to force out Chapter 3 somehow. Unfortunately Chapter 4 will not be coming out before the hiatus.

The hiatus officially starts today and will be ongoing until Christmas Day. We will be stockpiling away during the hiatus so future releases should be smoother. Happy holidays to everybody, stay warm for those of you guys that are in the Northern Hemisphere.

Without further ado, here’s Chapter 3!

Translator: DSS
Editor: DSS
Proofreader: Kage

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  1. Ferozi · Dec 11, 2017

    Thanks for the release! Stay warm and healthy!

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Dec 12, 2017

      Thanks! You too!

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