Chapter 23 – Signing the Contract

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Wu Hongming’s foresight was known to be accurate.

During the establishment of Whale TV, he had personally unearthed several outstanding anchors. However, now that the company’s situation wasn’t doing well, he took over the managerial position in the operations department once again.

When Wu Hongming watched Lu Chen singing You Who Sat Next to Me, he saw a newcomer that had unlimited potential! He was surprised that StarryLive had actually missed him!

Wu Shanshan pointed towards the screen and spoke, “this is the chat log of his fan group. You’ll understand once you look through it.”

Wu Hongming opened the file and read it once thoroughly.

After he finished, he finally understood. A cynical expression appeared on his face while he spoke. “StarryLive’s Super Administrator 002? I know of him. He should be Zhao Deping. If it was him, then this would be normal!”

Not only did he know Zhao Deping, they were even friends at first. However, the grievances between the two couldn’t be explained even with a few days of explanation.

Wu Hongming was very clear about Zhao Deping’s personality type.

He didn’t have a speck of suspicion and spoke to Wu Shanshan. “You’ve done well this time. This Lu Fei is indeed someone worth spending effort in bringing over. I understand his desire is to retain his original works’ copyrights. We’ll give them to him!”

Pausing for a moment, Wu Hongming added another sentence. “The signing fee is within 50,000 RMB. You discuss with him.”

Talents were hard to come by. Originally, Wu Hongming wanted to personally discuss with Lu Chen. After thinking it through, he felt being excessively eager might not be suitable and perhaps might even make Lu Chen have other thoughts. Ultimately, he asked Wu Shanshan to step forth and discuss the contract in his stead.

This was also a chance and reward given to Wu Shanshan. If Lu Chen were to be famous in the future, her contributions would definitely not go unnoticed!


Wu Shanshan was shocked and happy at the same time. “Boss, are you really allowing me to discuss the contract signing with him?”

She had entered Whale TV not too long ago and was considered a new employee with no experience or qualifications. Her current job was to comb through the huge broadcasting platforms and unearth newcomers with potential. She could be considered a talent poacher that doesn’t have the right to discuss contracts.

Right now, Wu Hongming was basically giving her the authority and rights to do what she couldn’t before.

Wu Hongming chuckled and replied, “if I said I’m going to let you do it, just do it and do it well — negotiate with the other party and any reasonable request can be agreed to. For example, you promised to give his fans the same privilege level that they previously had at StarryLive; I agree.”


Wu Shanshan foolishly laughed, embarrassed. Initially she had wanted to keep the Lu Family Army so she made an empty promise.

She was indeed rash in doing that, but Wu Hongming didn’t have the intention to criticize her.

This manager of the operations department 1 waved his hands and spoke, “stop giggling so foolishly! Hurry and go!”

Wu Shanshan hurriedly rushed to her own office table and sat down before she impatiently opened QQ. She opened a private message room by clicking on Lu Chen’s profile picture.

At the moment, Lu Chen was still chatting with the group members regarding some small matters about himself.

The members within Lu Family Army in QQ weren’t many but they were all very enthusiastic and sincere. Although he had experienced a setback, their support and encouragement made Lu Chen feel neither discouraged nor disappointed.

With a group of such lovely fans, it wasn’t a big thing to start a new furnace on another platform!

Coral Fish: “General Lu, is it convenient to speak?”

Lu Chen: “No problem.”

Coral Fish sent a smiling emoji and wrote, “I would like to ask if General Lu has any specific requirements for signing the contract with Whale TV? Our basic contract is the same as StarryLive but for different people, we can offer different contract clauses.”

Lu Chen couldn’t help but nodded. Strictly speaking, just her attitude was enough to knock StarryLive’s Super Administrator down three notches.

He recalled the previous contract he saw earlier on and raised two clauses he had a problem with.

Firstly, the problem was with the original composition copyrights. For the original works he performed in the broadcasting platform, he would never yield and give away his rights in vain. If the platform had requirements, they could negotiate overa purchase.

Secondly, the five years contract period was too long for him.

He wished for it to be shortened to two years. In the future, when the contract period is up, he would prioritize Whale TV if he wanted to renew the contract under those same conditions.

Lu Chen’s requests weren’t considered high and had no complaints regarding the percentage allotment or website promotion. He was well aware that he was a newcomer right now and didn’t have the rights to demand something unreasonable.

Whereas Coral Fish, Wu Shanshan, did not expect that Lu Chen’s requirements were that small.

She was prepared to conduct a friendly yet intense negotiation with Lu Chen and both sides would, at the very least, need to haggle over the price for a few dozen rounds before reaching a win-win contract that satisfied everyone.

Instead, reality was that cruel!

Coral Fish: “Just these two clauses?”

Lu Chen: “Yes.”

Suddenly, Wu Shanshan had the impulse to rush into the computer, follow the network connection, climb to where Lu Chen was, grab his collar and loudly shout, “you make me feel no sense of accomplishment!”

Luckily she still had her rationality and hurriedly added another sentence. “Would 50,000 RMB as the signing fee be sufficient?”

Signing fee?

Lu Chen stared blankly. He didn’t expect that he would be able to obtain a signing bonus by signing with Whale TV.
Although he hadn’t eaten pork before, he had seen a pig running. Lu Chen was aware of the signing bonus offered to poached anchors. He was crammed with general knowledge from the internet but it had never crossed his mind that he, himself, could earn a sign-on bonus.

Currently, within the internet anchor circle, when the most popular anchor “Yoyo” hopped over to Sky Live, the sky-high record of 10 million RMB signing fee was established, causing a huge sensation.

Although many had said that 10 million RMB was just hyped up and not the actual figure, it was a fact that popular anchors’ signing bonuses were increasing and they would easily be dozens or hundreds of thousands, with no lacking examples of several hundred thousand RMB.

Whereas Lu Chen was only a new anchor that only had two live broadcast. To be able to discuss the contract term with a broadcasting company was already considered preferential treatment. To think that there was also a sign-on bonus — he felt that Whale TV was too generous!

Lu Chen: “That’s not a problem, thank you.”

In actual fact, Lu Chen and Wu Shanshan’s replies had sufficiently revealed how both of them were newcomers.

Lu Chen didn’t mention anything about the signing bonus and if Wu Shanshan had experience, she would naturally not raise this matter. If she managed to save the fee from signing, her superior would definitely praise her.

However, Lu Chen was even more inexperienced. The other party had raised about the fee and he could have taken advantage and haggled the price. Regardless if it was possible or not, giving it a try wasn’t wrong, and what could you have gone wrong?

It was just that right now, both of them didn’t think too much of it.

Coral Fish: “(*^__^*), then it shall be as that. I will ask my boss to revise the new contract. I will help you open a contracted account and broadcasting room. Once we receive the contract, we shall then transfer the signing fee to your bank account?

Lu Chen: “Ok!”

After hitting ‘Enter’, Lu Chen was still unable to believe what just happened — he had signed the contract just like that and earned 50,000 RMB?

Composing himself, Lu Chen spoke within the group chat, “fellow brothers, I have reached an agreement with Whale TV and will be broadcasting live tonight. Everyone is welcome to head over and cheer me on!”

To be honest, Lu Chen announced it too early as the contract had yet to be officially confirmed but he was very excited and impatient to share this good news with everyone.

When the message Lu Chen sent was displayed, the chat had instantly exploded.

“That’s great, hurray!”

“General Lu’s formidable. F*ck StarryLive, I shall switch to Whale TV!

“General Lu, what’s the new broadcasting room name? I’ll follow it right now and pull all my friends over.”

“It hasn’t opened yet right?”

“The person in charge of signing the contract should be Coral Fish from earlier on? Are you there?”

“Yes, I am…”

Coral Fish emerged in a timely manner and spoke while sending a smiley face. “I shall open an account and broadcasting room for General Lu right now and inform everyone immediately. I guarantee that I will not delay!”

“And also, everyone please send me a screenshot of your account information in StarryLive and Whale TV and I will adjust everyone’s rank. If you do not have a Whale TV account, you can create a new one.”

ProphetEmperorLiBai: “There’s no need to adjust mine. I will head over to Whale TV to recharge, after all it’s just a golden member.”

Rich people were rich. The words they said were domineering. It caused the entire screen to be filled with comments of worship, hugging his thighs, or asking to be provided for.

Wu Shanshan was overjoyed looking at it and felt extremely accomplished.

She had almost forgotten about the important affairs. She quickly got up to report to Wu Hongming and immediately finalized the contract.

They had caught a huge fish this time!

“Sister Shanshan…”

Just as she stood up from her chair, her colleague seated next to her suddenly looked over and softly asked, “would you send me a copy of this anchor’s video? I’m his Fish fan!”

Wu Shanshan blinked her eyes, then began to smile until her eyebrows were bent.

  1. The raws says “这位运管部主管” which literally refers to Wu Hongming by its job title. Like what the heck =.=
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