Chapter 169: Server Enemy No.1 (17)

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System Announcement: Player Music For Miles has placed a kill order of 100g on Sang Yu’s Not Late. Heroes, take up your arms!

[World] Green Flower On Sauerkraut : [Is Sang Yu’s Not Late about to get ganked? Music For Miles hasn’t even removed the Kill Order on Flowertalk from last time…]

[World] Lone Cold : [music u shameless b!tch! rly think ur such a big deal?! ur not the only one with money in this game!]

System Announcement: Player Lone Cold has placed a kill order of 250g on Music For Miles. Heroes, take up your arms!

[World] [email protected] : [wtf! high society’s a mess]

[World] Dancing 2 Da Beat : [wtf! high society’s a mess +1]

[World] Green Flower On Sauerkraut : [wtf! high society’s a mess +2]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [wtf! high society’s a mess +10086]

[World] ……

[World] Music For Miles : [since when did I say I was the only rich person playing this game? where would that put tycoon-ge and profiteer? id!ot!]

Even after the two servers had merged, Call Me Profiteer was still first on the wealth leaderboards.

As for Godly Tycoon, he was the type who’d only buy in-game currency when he needed it, so his name wasn’t on the wealth leaderboards. It was, however, bolded and glowing brightly on the expenditure leaderboards.

[World] Call Me Profiteer : [Saw my name so came out to flaunt my presence a bit. Buying Heavenly Mystery Crystals! Please sell it to me if you have it!!!]

‘Doesn’t look like Tycoon’s online.’

Shi Sheng looked at her friends list. Not only was Godly Tycoon not on, even the four Undermoons weren’t on. All of the names on her friends list were greyed out.

Shi Sheng sighed. ‘People at the top have to fight on their own, I guess.’

Sang Yu’s Not Late brought a crowd of Drunkflower Den members to charge over. Shi Sheng’s policy was to kill them when she could, and if she couldn’t beat them, she’d run. The world was truly a livelier place now.

[World] Lone Cold : [music u turtle! 1v1 me at forbidden peak if u got the skills!]

[World] Music For Miles : [u wanna 1v1 me?]

System Announcement: Player Lone Cold has challenged Music For Miles to a duel at Forbidden Peak. If a response is not given within 5 minutes, the challenge will be automatically accepted.

Forbidden Peak was the official arena for players to duel and compare skills. If you died here, you’d lose 3 levels. So, unless they were mortal enemies, most players would choose to settle their scores in the wilderness.

System Announcement: Player Music For Miles has declined Lone Cold’s challenge.

[World] Eternal Peace : [Music For Miles actually declined!]

[World] [email protected] : [*gapes*]

In games, if the recipient of an official challenge declined, others would think they were afraid of the challenger.

That was why, even if the challenged knew they didn’t have much of a chance at winning, they’d still grit their teeth and accept it.

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [hahaha, now this is our lil musey’s style!]

[World] Lone Cold : [music u ballsless coward! u don’t even dare to accept a challenge!]

[World] Music For Miles : [firstly, as a girl, i’m very certain I don’t have any balls. if I did, i’d probably be put up for display in a museum. secondly, u aren’t even on the leaderboards, wouldn’t that be below my status? even if i won, u could just say my lvl was higher than urs and complain that i was picking on u. no matter how u look at it, i’m the one at a disadvantage here. hence, as a beautiful young lady who has no deficiencies in the IQ department, rejecting u is what any normal person would choose]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [Though there’s no fault in that reasoning… I don’t know if it’s just me, but I could feel utter disdain and contempt in her tone…?]

[World] Eternal Peace : [It’s not just you.]

‘She should’ve been ridiculed for rejecting a challenge, yet how come she’s talking like it would’ve been stupid to do anything else…

And that disdainful tone… even if we’re just bystanders, we feel like beating her up!’

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [lil musey is so awesome, how could u scrubs be fit for her to personally act against u]

Shi Sheng looked at this ID, the corner of her lips lifting. This was her No. 2 fan.

Her No. 1 fan was Wooden Bellz.

Shi Sheng was pretty much the prime example of a person who loved to be praised. She was one of those kinds of people whose tails would practically stick straight up with pride. Even if you insulted her, she was capable of insulting herself to get back at you.

But if you tried to use violence? ‘I’mma fuckin’ kill your whole family!’

Basically, it all boiled down to ‘Everything’s fine and dandy as long as you don’t use violence. The moment you do, I’m not stopping till someone’s dead!’

Shi Sheng continued her routine of walking ‘those little bitches’ all around the server. She’d also frequently pop up on world chat to insert a few shameless comments, managing to pull quite a bit of aggro.

Her enemies were steadily growing in number.

‘At this rate, they’re gonna end up banding together.’


Over the past few days, Shi Sheng had stolen the spotlight (among other things) away from Ji Yan. Just as he finally got a moment to fight a boss in peace…

An interruption came right at the crucial moment, and Ji Yan glared at the conversation window that had popped up.

[PM] Music For Miles : [soon my enemies are going to fill every corner of the world! dashen, you wanna team up and reap kills?]

‘She’s… trying to compete in who has more enemies? Also, wasn’t she still being chased?’

Ji Yan took a couple of deep breaths before opening the ‘add friends’ window. He entered the username and sent the request.

Your friend request has been rejected.

Ji Yan’s temper flared even more.

His keyboard clicked and clacked from his typing.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Add]

‘If this keeps up, I’m going to go mental…’

[PM] Music For Miles : [i feel like this way of chatting with each other is quite good. this way, dashen will only exist in my deepest thoughts…]

Ji Yan was so pissed off that his innards ached. He dragged over the laptop he kept at the side and tapped quickly on its keyboard. With one last tap, he looked back at the other computer.

Music For Miles was gone.

Shi Sheng looked at her screen. It had blacked out, and words that were bolded and italicised floated across the screen.

Wanna play, eh? I’ll play with you.

Shi Sheng rubbed her cheeks and looked at the girl reflected on the screen.

The face staring back at her had arched willowy brows, thick and long eyelashes, a pair of clear and bright eyes that looked like pools of water, and a pert upturned nose.

‘En, looks very pretty! Befitting of someone of my standards!’

Shi Sheng flipped her bangs aside before picking up her wallet and heading out towards the nearest internet café.

‘Hack back? Don’t wanna! Too troublesome!’

Due to the popularity of Land of Gods & Demons, the game was available at all major internet cafés. Shi Sheng logged on with practised ease, and after locking onto Ink Seeker’s location, she set off.

Ink Seeker was currently killing a mob. Shi Sheng didn’t even think twice before kill-stealing.

Ji Yan was a bit surprised. ‘She managed to undo it so quickly?’

He turned his head to look at the computer next to him, after which his lips twitched. ‘She just switched to another computer…

How crude…’

[Area] Ink Seeker : [Just what do you want to do?]

‘She rejected my offer to cooperate so disdainfully the last time, so what’s she doing now?’

[Area] Music For Miles : [you]

[Area] Ink Seeker : [……]

[Area] Music For Miles : [if I said my hand slipped just now, would you believe me?]

[Area] Ink Seeker : [……]

[Area] Let’s Party Together At World’s Edge : [music for miles and ink seeker! wtf, this *&^$^$$% pair! charge! kill them!!!]

From out of nowhere, a group of people popped up and started charging at the two of them like moths to a flame. All sorts of skills were flung towards her and Ink Seeker. The brilliant lights and explosions from the skills were like a dazzling firework display.

Author’s note:

2nd update. Please vote and donate!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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