Chapter 184: Server Enemy No.1 (End)

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Shi Sheng quickly pulled out her sword and swung at him. ‘Don’t think I’ll believe you just because you put it nicely!’

Ji Yan dodged with familiarity before blowing a kiss at her and jumping off the landing.

Frustrated by Ji Yan, Shi Sheng went to vent on games.

Once Ji Yan found out she was playing games again, he joined her as well, helping her cause utter chaos.

Once they had their fun and broke the game, they would switch to another one.

Soon, the two were infamous in the gaming world. They even received a nickname: “The Disasters That Never End.”

Any game they played soon became popular.

Perhaps because Ji Yan listened to Shi Sheng in the game, Shi Sheng didn’t loathe him quite as much.

She still disliked him though.


“Miss, there will be a party today. Sir has said to let you attend.” The butler passed an invitation to Shi Sheng; however, it was immediately intercepted by Ji Yan.

Shi Sheng glared at him before snatching it back.

“Engagement party? Dongfang Li?? Sang Yu???” Shi Sheng couldn’t help but ask these three questions.

‘Those two… just how did they end up tangled together again?! Plot-sama is being too ridiculous, right? Even managed to bring them together after all that nonsense…’

“Indeed. Sir’s intention is to let the Miss out for a breath of fresh air. These kinds of outings are more relaxed after all,” replied the butler.

“Got it.” Shi Sheng kept the invitation. ‘I gotta at least see what’s going on with the ML and FL!’

On the day of the party, Ji Yan shamelessly (and fearlessly) tagged along with her.

The scale of the engagement party was quite large.

By the time Shi Sheng arrived, her father was already present.

“Baby, are you tired?” Although her parents were very busy, they’d always make time to see their daughter at least once a week, so Shi Sheng wasn’t unfamiliar with him. She shook her head obediently.

“Hello Uncle.”

“Xiaoyan is here too ah! Very good! I’ll leave my precious baby in your hands then! Bring her around, if she gets tired, go home first.” Papa Chu’s face was all smiles when he saw Ji Yan.

Shi Sheng frowned slightly as she glanced at Ji Yan suspiciously.

‘Are Ji Yan and my father familiar with each other? Though I suppose that’s to be expected… what kind of father would allow someone he wasn’t familiar with near his daughter?

He said he hated rich people before, but from his conduct, it’s clear he’s had an excellent upbringing. He also doesn’t seem to be short on money…

And there aren’t any families with the surname Ji among the families close to the Chus…’

Papa Chu chuckled as he instructed Ji Yan a bit more before leaving completely reassured.

Shi Sheng, somewhat irritated, turned to Ji Yan, “What’s your identity, eh?”

“Hm?” Ji Yan turned. “Aren’t I your husband?”

Shi Sheng, “…”

With a natural movement, Ji Yan took Shi Sheng’s hand and placed it in the crook of his arm. “Miss, I’ve already told you. Since you’ve caught my interest, don’t even think about escaping.”

Shi Sheng gave him a false smile and spoke coldly, “Run? Even if I wanted to, I’d make sure to kill you first!”

“As expected of the woman I love.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Is there something wrong with you?!’

She entered the party venue with Ji Yan.

There were a lot of guests present, all dressed in formal attire with smiles on their faces. It was quite a lively scene. Briefly scanning the room, Shi Sheng didn’t recognize any familiar faces.

Quite a few people took note of her entrance and glanced over. There were even some males who were tempted to come forward and introduce themselves, but they lost their courage when Ji Yan swept his gaze over them.

“I’m heading to the washroom.” Shi Sheng tossed the thing she was holding to Ji Yan before lifting her skirt and walking to the restrooms.

Ji Yan followed her at a distance.

The door to the washroom wasn’t shut properly, so just as Shi Sheng was about to push it open, the crisp sound of objects breaking travelled outside, causing her hand to freeze.

‘Your grandpa! Of course, the washroom is a high-danger zone at parties!’

Shi Sheng withdrew her hand and turned to look at Ji Yan who wasn’t far off.

Ji Yan advanced a few paces and asked her in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Just as he finished, a voice could be heard from inside the room.

“Sang Yu, I’m telling you: Even if you’re pregnant with my child, I won’t like you! So keep those dirty little thoughts to yourself, else don’t blame me for being heartless!”

‘Wtf, a kid?!’ Shi Sheng’s eyes rolled in their sockets. ‘The FL actually got pregnant with the ML’s kid… dayum! Is this story evolving into a CEO novel?’

Ji Yan cast a glance at the doorway, revealing a hint of disgust in his eyes.

“I’ll escort you upstairs.” He placed an arm around Shi Sheng’s waist and ignored her unhappy glare as he brought her towards the lift.

Indistinct voices could be heard behind them.

“I know… the child…”

Only afterwards did Shi Sheng find out that Dongfang Li had bumped into Sang Yu while he was once drunk, resulting in the two rolling in the sheets together.

Just that one time had caused Sang Yu to be pregnant with Dongfang Li’s child.

The Dongfang Family placed significant importance on the child, so they could only get Sang Yu and Dongfang Li engaged.

Dongfang Li wasn’t the type to shirk responsibility; since she was already pregnant, he could only bear the consequences. However, after the engagement, Sang Yu’s conduct irritated him to no end.

Because she was pregnant, the Dongfang Family forced her to stay at home to ensure that the child wouldn’t be affected by stress. Since she was unable to attend class, Sang Yu was left with a great deal of time at home and nothing to do.

And with Dongfang Li away from home all day, Sang Yu couldn’t help but feel paranoid. On any given day, she would make about 10 calls to Dongfang Li, interrogating him for his whereabouts.

News of Sang Yu reached Shi Sheng about a year later. As it turned out, Sang Yu’s child wasn’t Dongfang Li’s! Having been cuckolded by Sang Yu, Dongfang Li’s loathing for her peaked.

Sang Yu was kicked out of the Dongfang Family, and the Sang Family’s attitude towards this disgraceful daughter was also unwelcoming.

Life for a young lady in her twenties was hard—especially when she had to care for a child as well.

Not long after, Sang Yu abandoned the child at an orphanage and disappeared somewhere.

However, at Dongfang Li’s wedding, she suddenly reappeared and stabbed the bride, causing grievous harm.

Naturally, she was brought to court. The bride’s maiden family held connections in the government, so she ended up with a life sentence.


Shi Sheng was tired from battling wits with Ji Yan daily while guarding against her traitorous parents who sided with a certain person.

Fortunately, she didn’t live very long in this world. After all, Chu Yunxi had a heart condition. She died at the age of 25.

Shi Sheng was depressed by the time she returned to system’s space. ‘Dammit… I didn’t even get to hack that lunatic Ji Yan to death.’

System didn’t say anything, merely displaying her stats on the screen.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -122,000

Life Points: 30

Contribution Points: 12,500

Mission Rank: F

Mission Points: 86

Hidden Quest: Complete

Hidden Quest Reward: 0 Contribution Points

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Flips table! I lost 10,000 morality points?! And I didn’t even gain a single contribution point…

All I did was break a few games; was that so bad?’

Author’s note:

And that’s a wrap for arc 6.

Morality points are shooting through the atmosphere! Not even 10,000 alpacas are dragging them back!

Hahahah! Xiao’sheng’sheng doesn’t like that, but she just can’t control herself!

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    << “Baby, are you tired?” Although her parents were very busy, they’d always make time to see their daughter at least once a week, so Shi Sheng wasn’t unfamiliar with him. She shook her head obediently. >> Well, it seems she has good parents this time around lol. Nice ones, at least.
    >> “Miss, I’ve already told you. Since you’ve caught my interest, don’t even think about escaping.”

    Shi Sheng gave him a false smile and spoke coldly, “Run? Even if I wanted to, I’d make sure to kill you first!”

    “As expected of the woman I love.” << TRUE MASOCHIST FOR REAL.
    << As it turned out, Sang Yu’s child wasn’t Dongfang Li’s! Having been cuckolded by Sang Yu, Dongfang Li’s loathing for her peaked. >> OOF. WHOSE CHILD WAS IT?

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