Chapter 185 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (1)

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[Do you wish to see what happened afterwards?]

“Yes!” Shi Sheng uttered through clenched teeth. ‘I want to see how that little bitch Ji Yan ended up!’

After she died, Ji Yan locked himself in his room for a month. Until one stormy day, he finally left and headed for the graveyard where her remains were buried.

That frail body appeared even more delicate amidst the heavy downpour. The only thing in his eyes was the reflection of her picture on the tombstone; he seemed to have given up on the world.

There was a hint of madness and stubbornness in his eyes as he sat down, leaning on the grave.

The downpour suddenly worsened, causing the scene to blur. Shi Sheng could only see him lifting his hand. She didn’t see what he did, but by the time the rain stopped, the only thing visible to her was Ji Yan’s tranquil silhouette

The scene ended there.

[He died for you in the end. How do you feel?]

Shi Sheng stared dumbly at the boy frozen on the screen. Only after a long while did she utter in confusion, “Was he stupid?”

[……] ‘Why is her reaction to such a touching scene so… off? There’s no hope for me…’

“What I don’t understand is,” Shi Sheng sat cross-legged and poked at the screen as she muttered, “Why were you so certain you liked me?”

[He already died for you. Wasn’t that enough proof? Why were you able to accept Feng Ci, but not Ji Yan?]

Shi Sheng’s finger trembled as her gaze fluctuated slightly. She gradually took her hand away and locked her fingers together, before slowly uttering, “Feng Ci… is different.”

Feng Ci was special to her.

[How so?]

“None of your business.” Shi Sheng slapped the screen before threatening in a dark voice, “I’m warning you, don’t try to test my bottom line. You can’t handle the consequences.”

[……] ‘Host is very scary right now…’

System decided to cut to the chase. [The difficulty of subsequent worlds will be raised from now on. Please prepare yourself mentally. Tip: You still aren’t allowed to attack the main characters.]

“Oh.” Shi Sheng answered, somewhat distractedly. ‘I don’t attack them anyways. Much better to let them do it themselves.’

System didn’t feel like saying anything. ‘I can’t handle this Host! Evil people will be punished! Just let her be punished already1!!!’

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]


Shi Sheng opened her eyes to find herself sitting in a luxurious carriage. ‘Looks like I’m rich this time. Great! Fits with my image!’

Shi Sheng lifted the curtains and took in the ancient-styled cityscape outside, as well as the snow-white unicorn pulling her carriage.

‘Unicorns! Holy fuck! A fantasy novel!’

Shi Sheng lowered the curtain and hurriedly assimilated the memories of this body.

This was a fantasy novel about a transmigrating OP woman.

The protagonist of this story was Qin Langyue. She was an assassin from the 21st century who had tragically died because of her lover’s betrayal.

She hadn’t expected to still be alive and transmigrate into the legitimate (yet idiotic) Young Miss of the Qin Clan, whose name was also Qin Langyue.

Bullied by clan members? Betrothal broken by her fiancé? Disdained by the world?

None of that mattered!

Everyone could only stand still and have their faces slapped when the FL’s cheat was active!

After that, she met the male lead Jun Hanlin. The two became a power couple who dominated the Nine Provinces Continent. In the end, they managed to reach the pinnacle of success and become legends.

These were the hallmarks of a classic fantasy novel!

The former owner of Shi Sheng’s new body was called Shen Yaoguang. She was revered as the Nine Provinces Academy’s star genius and the Shen Clan’s precious pearl.

‘Sounds exactly like the type of people who FLs target to repeatedly slap their faces!’

The two of them had their first encounter during the enrollment for the academy. Shen Yaoguang had ordered her people to clear the way, resulting in the conflict with Qin Langyue.

Naturally, Qin Lanyue—being the female lead—won. After all, the plot had to devise a method for her to make a name for herself.

It was only after Qin Lanyue had learned from her contracted divine beast that Shen Yaoguang possessed the Medicine King’s Furnace that she started to more purposefully challenge Shen Yaoguang.

Qin Langyue coveted the Medicine King’s Furnace, but Shen Yaoguang was no fool; it was a divine object, so why on earth would she ever willingly hand it over to Qin Langyue?

Since the diplomatic route wouldn’t work, Qin Langyue resorted to more forceful tactics. First, she provoked Shen Yaoguang. Having a temper that was easy to stoke, Shen Yaoguang naturally ended up appearing as the aggressor, while Qin Langyue was depicted as the innocent victim.

Under the deliberate suppression of Qin Langyue, Shen Yaoguang’s image of a genius gradually faded into a dandy who feared the strong and bullied the weak.

Qin Langyue slowly backed Shen Yaoguang into a corner until she finally procured the Medicine King’s Furnace. Shen Yaoguang ended up losing all face, which dealt the Shen Clan a fatal blow. They were on the verge of extinction.

Large clans were always cold and calculating. When Shen Yaoguang was still useful, they treated her like royalty; however, when she lost the aura of a genius, why would they continue to pamper her? Why, they wished they could step her underfoot some more!

The Shen Clan offered her to Bu Jingyun, the Hallmaster of Nine Silences Hall, which was a prominent and influential power in the Nine Provinces Continent, in hopes of seeking his protection.

Who was Bu Jingyun? Why, only the biggest villain of the entire novel!

And a nut-job who endeavoured to conquer the entire continent.

Yes, Bu Jingyun was a nut-job.

And this loony was partial towards beautiful women.

That was why the Shen Clan had gifted Shen Yaoguang to Bu Jingyun. They were aware it was a firepit, yet they’d pushed her in anyway.

But did Bu Jingyun truly like beauties? Nope.

Unless you think that his pleasure at seeing them covered in blood, despairing, helpless, and struggling to live while they were on the precipice of death counted as a ‘like’.

‘What is this if not a nut-job?’

When Shen Yaoguang was delivered to Nine Silences Hall, Bu Jingyun didn’t group her with the other beauties waiting to be slaughtered; he allowed her to serve as a maid who’d care for his daily needs.

But Shen Yaoguang actually fell for Bu Jingyun! During the final confrontation between Bu Jingyun and Qin Langyue, she took a blade for him and died.

Naturally, Bu Jingyun wasn’t able to escape the fate of being cannon-foddered either.

After that, the male and female leads lived happily ever after together.

Shi Sheng was rendered speechless upon receiving that script. ‘Wtf! This FL’s way too obvious about breaking character!’

Shen Yaoguang had three wishes.

One, was to kill off the female lead.

Two, was to eradicate the Shen Clan.

And three, was to be together with Bu Jingyun.

Shi Sheng fell silent at the last part. ‘Does she have Stockholm Syndrome or something?! She actually fell for that nut-job Bu Jingyun!’

Shi Sheng compared the memories she’d inherited with the plot and discovered that she’d arrived rather early—the female lead hadn’t even enrolled in the academy yet.

Today was the start of school for Nine Provinces Continent. Shen Yaoguang was tasked with leading the other Shen Clan members who were of age to sign up.

She was still the Shen Clan’s proud genius and treated as their precious pearl. Naturally, she enjoyed lavish treatment, which was apparent from those unicorns.

On the Nine Provinces Continent, people cultivated spiritual energy. Naturally, spirit beasts existed too. The unicorn was one example.

Although they were quite rare, it wasn’t as exaggerated as in stories where the female lead was the only one who had one and it was one of her symbols or some such nonsense.

When she arrived at the academy, a group of young Shen Clan members stood next to the carriage and waited for her to come out.

“Unicorns pulling a carriage belonging to the Shen Clan… Could it be Miss Shen Yaoguang inside?”

“It should be. Not only is she pretty, she also has talent!”

“I heard she’s already a third-level Spirit King. That’s the youngest Spirit King in a century! Not even Third Prince can match that!”

Author’s note:

Please read this carefully now, because I’ll only say it once:

About the male and female leads of these story worlds:

Some people say I deliberately made them out to be the bad guys. But I already said when I first started writing that the worlds Shi Sheng have been going to are broken and off-track!

Please look here now: [THEY ARE COMPLETELY F***ED UP ALREADY!!!]

So the characters were already broken from the start!

And besides, they would’ve also undergone some changes when Shi Sheng changed the story. After all, humans aren’t trapped in just one role. Where a person could be a saint one moment, he could also turn into a devil the next.

And finally: *acts cute* please give me votes~

  1. I hope you remember when a similar phrase appeared in arc 6… No? Okay, well it’s a pun. It doesn’t translate very well. The original was “恶人自有恶人磨,让恶人磨她去”, where “恶人” means evil person. The first half can be interpreted two ways. One, evil people will be punished, which is what it usually means. Or two, evil people will be rubbed by other evil people. The second part of the sentence relies on the second interpretation. It means to let evil people go rub her.

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