Chapter 185 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (1)

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[Do you wish to see what happened afterwards?]

“Yes!” Shi Sheng uttered through clenched teeth. ‘I want to see how that little bitch Ji Yan ended up!’

After she died, Ji Yan locked himself in his room for a month. Until one stormy day, he finally left and headed for the graveyard where her remains were buried.

That frail body appeared even more delicate amidst the heavy downpour. The only thing in his eyes was the reflection of her picture on the tombstone; he seemed to have given up on the world.

There was a hint of madness and stubbornness in his eyes as he sat down, leaning on the grave.

The downpour suddenly worsened, causing the scene to blur. Shi Sheng could only see him lifting his hand. She didn’t see what he did, but by the time the rain stopped, the only thing visible to her was Ji Yan’s tranquil silhouette

The scene ended there.

[He died for you in the end. How do you feel?]

Shi Sheng stared dumbly at the boy frozen on the screen. Only after a long while did she utter in confusion, “Was he stupid?”

[……] ‘Why is her reaction to such a touching scene so… off? There’s no hope for me…’

“What I don’t understand is,” Shi Sheng sat cross-legged and poked at the screen as she muttered, “Why were you so certain you liked me?”

[He already died for you. Wasn’t that enough proof? Why were you able to accept Feng Ci, but not Ji Yan?]

Shi Sheng’s finger trembled as her gaze fluctuated slightly. She gradually took her hand away and locked her fingers together, before slowly uttering, “Feng Ci… is different.”

Feng Ci was special to her.

[How so?]

“None of your business.” Shi Sheng slapped the screen before threatening in a dark voice, “I’m warning you, don’t try to test my bottom line. You can’t handle the consequences.”

[……] ‘Host is very scary right now…’

System decided to cut to the chase. [The difficulty of subsequent worlds will be raised from now on. Please prepare yourself mentally. Tip: You still aren’t allowed to attack the main characters.]

“Oh.” Shi Sheng answered, somewhat distractedly. ‘I don’t attack them anyways. Much better to let them do it themselves.’

System didn’t feel like saying anything. ‘I can’t handle this Host! Evil people will be punished! Just let her be punished already1!!!’

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]


Shi Sheng opened her eyes to find herself sitting in a luxurious carriage. ‘Looks like I’m rich this time. Great! Fits with my image!’

Shi Sheng lifted the curtains and took in the ancient-styled cityscape outside, as well as the snow-white unicorn pulling her carriage.

‘Unicorns! Holy fuck! A fantasy novel!’

Shi Sheng lowered the curtain and hurriedly assimilated the memories of this body.

This was a fantasy novel about a transmigrating OP woman.

The protagonist of this story was Qin Langyue. She was an assassin from the 21st century who had tragically died because of her lover’s betrayal.

She hadn’t expected to still be alive and transmigrate into the legitimate (yet idiotic) Young Miss of the Qin Clan, whose name was also Qin Langyue.

Bullied by clan members? Betrothal broken by her fiancé? Disdained by the world?

None of that mattered!

Everyone could only stand still and have their faces slapped when the FL’s cheat was active!

After that, she met the male lead Jun Hanlin. The two became a power couple who dominated the Nine Provinces Continent. In the end, they managed to reach the pinnacle of success and become legends.

These were the hallmarks of a classic fantasy novel!

The former owner of Shi Sheng’s new body was called Shen Yaoguang. She was revered as the Nine Provinces Academy’s star genius and the Shen Clan’s precious pearl.

‘Sounds exactly like the type of people who FLs target to repeatedly slap their faces!’

The two of them had their first encounter during the enrollment for the academy. Shen Yaoguang had ordered her people to clear the way, resulting in the conflict with Qin Langyue.

Naturally, Qin Lanyue—being the female lead—won. After all, the plot had to devise a method for her to make a name for herself