Chapter 221 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (3)

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‘Good looking but fierce—it couldn’t be Feng Jin, could it? En…’

Shi Sheng’s eyes rolled about in their sockets as her mind worked. ‘Feng Jin is the final boss of this novel. Since Feng Ci and Bu Jingyun were both the final bosses of their novels, maybe he’s stuck with the role of final boss?

Seems like I have to take a look at this owner of mine, eh? If it’s Feng Ci… En, I’ll keep him.’

Shi Sheng’s smile terrified the little ghost, and his small body couldn’t help but tremble. ‘Why do I feel like this ghost is even scarier than the person outside? Wuwu, Mama, this ghost is really too scary. I want to go home!’

Shi Sheng petted the little ghost’s head. “Hurry back. Big sis’ll help you beat the baddie!”

The little ghost didn’t really believe her—after all, the baddie outside was so powerful that he’d managed to exorcise the wraith living next door. But upon seeing the dark smile upon Shi Sheng’s face, he very wisely kept his mouth shut and floated back into the apartment.

Shi Sheng drifted out of the small neighbourhood, gliding past the border of iron fence encircling it. Even after floating around the whole place, she still couldn’t find even a single trace of the man.

‘Was it not Feng Jin?’ But just as she was beginning to feel doubtful, System’s voice sounded out.

[Hidden Quest: Cold River In Autumn]

Shi Sheng: “…”

‘Fuck! You making fun of me for not reading a lot? These idioms are really getting more and more abstract…’

Cold river in autumn was a reference to how a moral person’s heart was as clear as… well, a cold river in autumn!

[Quest Target: Feng Jin. Straighten Feng Jin’s three views and turn him into an exorcist with morals.]

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Can I reject this? And what the hell is ‘with morals’? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his three views…’

[……] ‘The Host’s three views aren’t normal either. Getting her to rescue someone else’s three views… the image is too delightful, I need to shut down to cool off a bit.’

Since System had issued this quest, it proved that Feng Jin was definitely somewhere in the vicinity. Shi Sheng hovered about for a bit but to no avail.

She scratched her head in annoyance. ‘Did this punk burrow into the ground or something?’

The second she thought of that, a man dropped out of the sky and landed right before her.

He was clad in a deep blue long gown that appeared to be from the Republic period[1]. It was adorned with dark patterns and looked quite luxurious.

The force of his sudden drop caused several leaves to drift down lazily, making it seem as if time itself had slowed down for an instant.

The man had his head turned towards her, revealing slightly lowered eyes and thin, faintly pursed lips. The light caught on his long eyelashes and casted shadows across his exquisitely carved features, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Feng Jin’s expression didn’t betray a single emotion.

Although his clothes were clearly out of fashion in this time period, on his body, they appeared… right. It was as if he was a rich young master who had walked straight out of that era.

He shifted his eyes to rest his gloomy gaze upon her, voice rather low as he spoke, “Where have you been the past few days?”

Shi Sheng blinked. ‘Oh right, I’m Feng Jin’s person… er, ghost[2] right now.’

“Got caught by Nalan Ying. It was hard to escape.” Shi Sheng’s expression fell, and she started to outright slander the male lead. She bobbed over to Feng Jin and attempted to grab his wrist.

However, before she could even manage to touch him, she felt a burning sensation bursting from her fingertips. Shi Sheng jerked her hand back reflexively. ‘Fuck! I(bbb) can’t touch Feng Jin? Then how the hell am I(bbb) supposed to tell if he’s Feng Ci or not? *misery*’

A bizarre glint passed through Feng Jin’s gloomy eyes, but he carried on as if he hadn’t noticed what had just happened, “Nalan Ying caught you? Why?”

“En… how would I know? He just suddenly caught me.” Shi Sheng massaged her fingers, not forgetting to slander the male lead as she spoke, “I don’t wanna stay anywhere near him. He’s too horny.”

“Horny?” Feng Jin repeated in a slow voice, as if he didn’t know why she’d use such a word to describe Nalan Ying.

“Yep, he’s a horny fucker. Always wanting to screw the F- An Su. I’m still a pure person, how could I taint my eyes with that filth?” Shi Sheng nodded seriously then reached out in another attempt to touch Feng Jin—involuntarily jerking her hand back again after being shocked.

Feng Jin had no reaction to her foolish behaviour, merely giving her a calm reminder, “You’re a ghost now.”

After a slight pause, he spoke again, “Follow me back.”

“Okay.” Shi Sheng circled around Feng Jin twice before asking out of curiosity, “What’re you doing here? Aren’t you going to avenge me?”

“Exorcising ghosts.” Feng Jin glanced at her before admitting honestly, “Nalan Ying is too strong. I’m not his match.”

‘The villain is actually not strong enough to suppress the leads!’

Shi Sheng displayed an expression of disappointment. “I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.”

‘This villain is too useless. All the bad reviews…’

“En?” Feng Jin hadn’t heard her mutter.

Shi Sheng simply stared at the sky in melancholy, not bothering to give Feng Jin a reply.

Feng Jin: “…” ‘Why does this ghost I’m keeping seem a bit off?’

As Feng Jin brought Shi Sheng back, the latter never seemed to stop moving about. One moment she’d be floating in one direction, the next she’d be floating in another. She’d even scare the passing ghosts they met along the way, causing them to panic and run away.

Feng Jin was exasperated. ‘How come I never noticed these hidden personality traits before?’


Feng Jin was descended from a clan of exorcists, the Feng Clan. After he’d turned 18, he moved out of the ancestral mansion and into a normal apartment.

His apartment contained two bedrooms, a study and another room beside it—one that Ning Ying had never entered, leaving its contents a mystery to Shi Sheng.

After Feng Jin brought her back, he entered his study without sparing her further attention.

Shi Sheng could only give herself a tour of the living room for a while. Everything was very orderly.

By the time she was done with her ‘tour,’ Feng Jin had emerged from the study.

Presented with the opportunity, Shi Sheng immediately shot over and attempted to touch him, though she naturally ended up jolting back again.

“How come I can’t touch you?” Shi Sheng massaged her fingers, face twitching. ‘I wanna touch you!’

“Humans and ghosts can’t touch each other.” Feng Jin’s overcast gaze swept over her indifferently.

Shi Sheng: “…” ‘Bullshit! Then how come the leads can touch each other? They can even fuck!’

Feng Jin lit an incense stick for her. Shi Sheng floated about for a bit before revealing a distasteful expression. “I wanna eat meat.”

‘He feeds me(bbb) this kind of thing? Bad reviews all around! Even if he’s Feng Ci, bad reviews!’

Feng Jin frowned as the doubt in his heart grew stronger. “Didn’t you tell me you don’t like to eat meat?”

“When did I say that? You’ve only ever given me this to eat. My face is turning green already, look!” Shi Sheng thrust her face into Feng Jin’s field of vision. “I’m already growing ugly! This is abusing your employees, you know? I can report you!”

Feng Jin’s brow twitched. ‘Report me? To whom? You think you’re working for a company?

‘Could she have received a blow from Nalan Ying that brought out these hidden character traits? If humans can undergo a sudden change in personality after experiencing some things, it’s logical that ghosts can too.’

[1] I think it’d look something like this:

Republican period outfit

[2] Again, in Chinese, human and person are synonymous. So ghosts aren’t people. They’re ghosts.

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