Chapter 285 : A Rose Wedding (11)

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The newly christened “god” Xi Yin raised quite a ruckus in the academy. There were droves of people who came over just to see him in person.

Shi Sheng’s absence for the rest of the day caused an ominous premonition to rise in his heart.

There were only two classes in the afternoon, after which school was over. Xi Yin left the school amidst the screams of countless girls. Because they were too noisy, he picked a path with less foot traffic.

The further down the path Xi Yin walked, the more uneasy he felt. Though this path was a little out of the way, it shouldn’t have been to the extent that there was no one here at all.

He halted and surveyed the areas in front of and behind him. He noticed that some of the people streaming out of the school gates in the distance headed his way. But then they doubled back after a few steps, as if they had seen something.

Just as he was feeling doubtful, his vision went black and he collapsed to the ground, limp.

‘Who’s the one conspiring against me? I actually didn’t notice them at all!’

These were the last thoughts Xi Yin had before he completely lost consciousness.


In the hazy night, cool moonlight spilled in from the window and dyed the room in a layer of silver.

Xi Yin’s fingers twitched, and he suddenly felt like he had touched something cool and soft. His somewhat muddled awareness sobered up immediately, his eyes flying open.

The first thing he saw was a dark silhouette leaning against the bed’s headboard. The thing that he’d just touched was a pair of hands.

He didn’t even need to look to know who that shadow was. Her scent made it very clear. Who else could it be but that Mi Nai?

When he’d opened his eyes, that pair of hands suddenly grabbed him.

“Xi Yin, you can’t do ah?” A teasing voice spoke up from beside him.

‘Can’t do? What do you mean? This woman…actually dared to kidnap me!’

He sat up hastily, causing the blanket covering him to slide down to his belly. Only now did he discover he wasn’t wearing anything…

‘I’m not wearing anything?!’

He was completely naked. Shi Sheng leaned towards him and spoke like the hooligan she was, “Should we go again? So you can actually enjoy it this time?”

“Mi Nai, you…” Xi Yin was so angry he couldn’t speak. ‘She really dared to… Really dared to…’

He’d lived for so long and met countless women, but not one had been so bold as to…

‘And she said I was incapable!’

Xi Yin felt like his lungs were going to burst from anger as the urge to throttle her grew stronger.

“You angry?” Shi Sheng got onto the bed and half-knelt in front of him. “Come on, you’re a grown man. Isn’t it just being screwed? I don’t believe you’ve never fucked a woman.”

Xi Yin clutched at the blankets. Shi Sheng couldn’t tell what expression he was wearing right now, because his face was hidden in darkness. She blinked.

All she’d done was strip him…and rubbed his hand a bit? She hadn’t done anything, okay?

‘Why are you acting as if you’ve been raped? Wouldn’t you be able to tell if I was lying or not?’

Though of course, there was no way Shi Sheng would tell him. She waited a while, but Xi Yin still didn’t speak so she shrugged and got off the bed.

But just as she was prepared to leave, Xi Yin’s voice spoke up behind her, “Never.”

His voice was very low, as if he was suppressing something. “You…are my first.”

Shi Sheng blanked out for a moment before turning around, caging him in between her arms as she stared down at him. “En. I’ll take responsibility.”

Xi Yin’s head was still lowered but his grip on the blanket tightened.

Shi Sheng roguishly tilted his chin upward, forcing him to lift his head, and then kissed him.

In that moment, Xi Yin felt his blood boiling. As he stared at the face right in front of his, he felt…nervous.

It was a very light kiss, more a light caress than a real kiss. Shi Sheng released him and spoke in a gentle voice, “You sleep here from now on. I know it might take some time for you to accept me, but that doesn’t matter; I can wait.”

She got up and left.

She didn’t come back in, leaving Xi Yin to stare into space for a long while.

There was bewilderment in his eyes. His reaction just now…was completely unlike him.

Xi Yin just sat there like that till daybreak. Sunlight streamed into the room, brightly illuminating everything.

The door was opened.

Xi Yin appeared to have been startled awake from that state…and then remembered he was completely naked. He pulled the blanket up to cover everything below the neck and glared somewhat angrily at the person who just entered.

“As if there is anywhere I haven’t seen before. Do you have to?” Shi Sheng gave him an impolite eyeroll upon noticing Xi Yin’s actions.

Last night, she’d stripped him bare. What hadn’t she seen?

Xi Yin pursed his lips as he stared at Shi Sheng without making a peep.

“Want me to help you get dressed?” Shi Sheng waved the clothes she was holding as she smiled slyly.

“No need. Get out.” ‘This shameless woman!’

“I say—”

“Get out.” Xi Yin’s voice sounded very self-conscious. If you looked closely, you’d be able to observe that the tips of his ears were red.

Shi Sheng shrugged innocently. “Okay then.”

‘Really now. You’re a grown ass man yet you’re still self-conscious? But it’s so cute! Aaaah! My(bbb) maiden’s heart is exploding!’

Once Shi Sheng had left, Xi Yin inspected the clothing Shi Sheng had placed on the edge of the bed. He was stunned for a moment. ‘These clothes…are the ones I wrote down for her last time. Didn’t she refuse to buy them for me? This double-faced woman!’

When he saw the underwear at the very bottom, Xi Yin’s face turned completely red. Once he’d gotten dressed, he dawdled for a little longer before heading downstairs.

The moment he did so, he found many people entering and exiting as they moved things into the house. The items were all sealed tight. But from the labelling, it wasn’t hard to guess what was inside.

Xi Yin held onto the banister as he watched the people busying themselves downstairs, feeling a bit complicated. ‘Is she really planning on keeping me?’

“What’re you still standing here for? Why don’t you go down to have a look? See if you like it. Funds are currently rather low, though, so changing the furniture in the bedrooms will have to wait till I’ve gotten some more money.” Shi Sheng had appeared behind him at some point and spoke with a clear voice. Her tone was natural, as if she had spoken these words countless times.

“Are you this good to all men?” A hint of an icy smile suddenly crept onto Xi Yin’s face.

“Only to you.” ‘Too lazy to bother about others.’

Xi Yin’s heart missed a beat. He let go of the banister and descended the steps, not giving Shi Sheng any reply.

The people downstairs had already started opening up the packages, revealing a brand-new set of handmade furniture. It would have taken a week at the very least, for all this furniture to be prepared—even if she had added extra money to speed up the process.

‘She’d already had these ordered back then…’

The workers followed Shi Sheng’s instructions on where to place all the furniture.

Once everyone had left, Xi Yin turned to look at Shi Sheng and spoke while stressing each syllable for emphasis, “Even if you spend this much effort on pleasing me, I’m not going to like you.”

The only reason he was with her was because…his clan’s rule was that they could only have one partner for life. And they were only allowed to have intimate contact with their partner. But since she had used those kinds of methods to possess him, there was no way he’d like her.

“Just waiting for you to slap yourself.” Shi Sheng replied ambiguously.

‘As long as he’s Feng Ci, there’s no way he won’t fall for me. I have this much confidence at least.’

Xi Yin didn’t really understand what she meant. But seeing as Shi Sheng wasn’t planning on explaining any more, he didn’t question her further and headed up the stairs instead.

Right now, he didn’t feel like seeing this woman.

Once he’d returned to his room, Xi Yin locked the door. The sunlight just so happened to hit his body, causing him to wrinkle his brows in disgust and shift into a darker corner.

The corner of his gaze caught sight of that painting on the wall.

Xi Yin’s figure paused and he muttered, “It’s fate after all?”

Something you couldn’t escape, nor hide from.

When the sunlight fell onto Xi Yin’s wrist that dangled by his side, a red string with a crescent moon-shaped pendant that reflected scattered rays of light seemed to appear indistinctly. However, upon closer inspection, it seemed like there was nothing on his wrist.

Author’s note:

I heard there’s been a wave of censorship going on… I’m afraid of being invited to drink tea in a small dark cell.


Let’s not write scenes that are too violent in the future…


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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