Chapter 73 : Another Type of Cultivation (22)

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Since there was someone to ease the tension, they didn’t fight. Shi Sheng was invited by Lin Yiyi into the Misty Sect.

Some people revealed enraged faces but they didn’t dare to say anything. Right now, Ye Qingqiu wasn’t in the Misty Sect and Lin Yiyi was the Peak Master’s personal disciple and wife. They didn’t dare to go against her.

The most important point though was: They couldn’t beat her!

Alright, let’s say they could beat her. But then Lin Yiyi would just go fetch the Heaven’s Edge Peak Master to find trouble for them; these people could show off the essence of shamelessness at its finest.

“Master has left?” This was completely unexpected to Shi Sheng. Yu Xiao had left the Misty Sect, leaving Bai Lang to become the new Peak Master of Heaven’s Edge Peak.

“En. Back then when rumours about you were circulating, Grandmaster left. At first, he’d still contact us but later on there was no news at all. Martial Aunt, just what happened at the Mt. Tong Sect? Why are those people saying you’re practising the demonic arts?”

‘Practising the demonic arts?’ Shi Sheng raised her brow. “Do tell. What did they say about me?”

Back then, after she had escaped, Long Jue and Ye Qingqiu got into a conflict for some unknown reason; they had even fought. Afterwards, Long Jue returned to the Celestial World while Ye Qingqiu returned to the Misty Sect.

Rumours about Shang Shu sprung up soon after. They said that the disappearance of female cultivators with Water Spirit Veins was her doing and that she was using them to practise some sort of demonic art. Then when they had found out, they surrounded her yet hadn’t expected to allow her to escape.

Back then, there had been quite a manhunt for her.

“Ye Qingqiu and Long Jue fought?”

‘It looks like hoping they would turn into enemies wasn’t just wishful thinking!’

“En…” Lin Yiyi scratched at her chin. “I heard it from some Mt. Tong Sect disciples. It seemed to be related to Chu Ning… though I’m not sure about the details.”

‘I don’t even know who Long Jue is… Hey wait! Martial Aunt, your focus is wrong!’

‘Chu Ning… I spent quite a bit of effort to get that body back. I didn’t mean to use you or anything, I just wanted to give Ye Qingqiu a headache. But what happened afterwards that could have caused Long Jue and Ye Qingqiu to fight over Chu Ning?’

Shi Sheng learned quite a few things from Lin Yiyi. For example, there had been a lot of male cultivators serving Ye Qingqiu in recent years. And they all had an ambiguous relationship with her.

Now the male disciples of the Misty Sect set climbing into Ye Qingqiu’s bed as their target. This was because as long as they had relations with Ye Qingqiu, their cultivations would be much higher than normal disciples.

And she also learned Bai Lang married his disciple, Lin Yiyi…

“What about Chu Ye?”

“Chu Ye?” Lin Yiyi furrowed her brows as she tried to recall. She only spoke after a while, “Chu Ning’s brother, Chu Ye? He’s been dead for over 300 years… Oh, and he died rather terribly too.”

‘The female lead’s first died? Just like that? This isn’t normal!’

“Back then Ye Qingqiu cleaned out a lot of the sect because of that. Only our Heaven’s Edge Peak was left ou-” Lin Yiyi paused suddenly as she stared in shock at Shi Sheng. “She was using that matter as an excuse to clear out her opposition…”

‘No wonder Master wouldn’t let me go out back then… He wouldn’t let me dig deeper into this matter either…’

These years, Lin Yiyi had experienced a lot. Her thought process was naturally different from before hence it wasn’t a surprise that she could see more details that she wouldn’t have noticed before.

Shi Sheng patted Lin Yiyi’s shoulder. Just as her hand landed though, she felt the cold gaze originating from the person beside her. Shi Sheng’s hand paused as she silently withdrew it. ‘Scared me(bbb) to death!’

Yu Xiao wasn’t here so Shi Sheng spoke with Bai Lang. She learned that Yu Xiao had most probably gone to the Celestial World so she didn’t stick around for long. There was nothing else to do really. She had helped Shang Shu take revenge and wouldn’t be able to ascend for a while so Shi Sheng could only go watch the demons and cultivators fighting it out while sitting on Pudding.

This kind of large-scale battle was hard to find, though Shi Sheng felt that if it evolved into a battle between immortals and demons, it’d be even better. Anarchist Sheng started secretly thinking of a way to get the immortals and demons to start fighting then use the opportunity to kill the current Celestial Emperor and let Feng Ci take the throne.

‘Feng Ci should be able to take on the entire Celestial World on his own.

What? Think I’m joking? Hmph, would I speak nonsense? Feng Ci’s been around for ages in the Celestial World yet they haven’t been able to do anything to him, have they? So I can conclude he can take on the Celestial World on his own.’

“What’s so nice about looking at them?” Feng Ci sat across from Shi Sheng, his hands holding onto her face to force her to look at him. “Do I not look good enough? Why do you want to look at them…”

‘Should I kill them? That way she can only look at me.’

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘I’m(bbb) used to this… Really! I(bbb) am!’

“Do I not look good?” Feng Ci asked stubbornly, firelight vaguely starting to flicker from him. Shi Sheng felt herself suddenly feeling more affectionate towards him and wanting to get closer…

And she did do so. She pounced onto Feng Ci so suddenly, she knocked him back. If Pudding’s back hadn’t been wide enough, the two would’ve been sent plummeting from that. Feng Ci hurriedly steadied her waist and let her lie on top of him.

Only when Shi Sheng had touched him did she come back to her senses. Her cheek was plastered against Feng Ci’s chest. She could hear his slightly erratic heartbeat. ‘What the hell? What was wrong with me(bbb) just now? Why did I(bbb) suddenly jump Feng Ci?’

Shi Sheng felt like slapping herself. She quickly pushed herself off him and sat to the side. Feng Ci sat up in confusion. “Xiaoshu, you don’t like it when I hug you? But I like to hug you a lot…”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Stop flirting with me(bbb)! I(bbb) need some quiet…’

Shi Sheng turned away from Feng Ci.

Feng Ci blinked innocently. Seeing where Shi Sheng’s gaze landed, violence surged in his heart and a rain of fireballs went hurtling towards the ground.

The humans and demons battling it out were burned indiscriminately, causing casualties to skyrocket. Those who had been standing outside of the area of effect looked up at the sky. They could only see a bunch of dark clouds.

They all felt doubtful. ‘Where did those fireballs come from? How come they were so indiscriminate?’

“What are you doing?!” Shi Sheng turned back.

“They don’t look good.” Feng Ci humphed. “They’re ugly and weak. They can’t protect Xiaoshu. Only I can.”

“…I know you’re look the best so I’ll not look at them from now on, okay?” Shi Sheng facepalmed speechlessly as she moved closer to Feng Ci, feeling rather helpless inside. ‘Might as well go with the flow!’

Feng Ci nodded his head contentedly and retrieved the next volley of fireballs he had been planning on flinging out. Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes at his action. She would feel a strong thirst to get closer to him whenever he used his flames… Just a little bit closer…

Shi Sheng only felt helplessness at this feeling of being influenced and no unhappiness or disgust. If this was before, her first reaction would’ve been to kill Feng Ci to spare herself any future troubles. She didn’t like when others held the initiative. Yet now she was actually thinking of just going with the flow…

Shi Sheng chuckled lowly as she got closer to Feng Ci of her own accord. She found a comfortable place to bury herself in, her back facing Feng Ci so he couldn’t see where she was looking.

Author’s note:

2,000 recommendations for the next chapter!

Don’t you guys find I’ve been getting more adorable lately? *sobs*

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    [Feng Ci sat across from Shi Sheng, his hands holding onto her face to force her to look at him. “Do I not look good enough? Why do you want to look at them…”] LOLOLOL FENG CI, LET HER HAVE SOME FREEDOM TO LOOK/INTERACT, MAN. Though I guess this tactic works on Shi Sheng??? She likes the "innocent-but-not quite" yandere types??

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