Chapter 98 : Zombie Empire (12)

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On the road, the trio were completely stunned by Shi Sheng. Other than those explode-y purple balls, she also had an iron sword. That sword sliced through zombies like she was cutting through radishes.

In the end though, they got used to being shocked every so often.

They didn’t understand what the deal was with that young man though. He didn’t seem to do anything and when he ate, he’d always have an expression of disgust on, as if what he was eating wasn’t precious food but something revolting.

Every time they saw that expression of his, the trio had the impulse to go and slap him.

‘It’s the apocalypse! Food is very precious! Do you know how many people are dying or have died of hunger?! Do you know how many have lost their humanity and killed others just to get food?!’

But they discovered his IQ didn’t seem very high so they suppressed that impulse. Fortunately, they wouldn’t have to travel together for much longer. B City was getting closer. They travelled for about three days before finally seeing the gates to the B City safe-zone.

At that time, it was already Day 56 of the apocalypse, so the system of management in the safe-zone was already finalised.

“Are you guys leaving on your own, or following me?” Shi Sheng got White Tiger to keep some stuff in his space as she asked the three in the backseat.

She had been observing them for the past three days. Their character was quite good. Even after seeing that she had a lot of food, other than revealing some longing, they hadn’t tried anything funny. Despite that, she left the choice of staying with her or not completely up to them.

“Ms Gu means to say?” Qing Yu’s heart thumped wildly when he heard Shi Sheng’s question.

“I need people to help me with stuff. If you guys are willing to stay, you’ll be my people from now on. Perhaps in the future…” Shi Sheng paused and didn’t continue her sentence. She looked at Qian Li.

Qian Li turned back to smile at Shi Sheng. “Hungry…”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Hungry your grandpa! What else can you do besides eat?!’

Qing Yu and the other two discussed it for some time before finally agreeing. In these few days of interaction, they had come to respect her from the bottom of their hearts. She was just a young lady yet was calmer than them when dealing with trouble. Besides, they had been saved by her, so even if it was for the sake of repaying this debt, they wouldn’t refuse.

“Boss, since we’re on the same side now, can you tell me what that sword of yours is?” Lin Feng immediately changed his form of address and shamelessly asked Shi Sheng what he had always meant to ask. ‘If you told me that sword could slice through iron like mud, I wouldn’t doubt you at all!’

“The Sword of Righteousness.” Shi Sheng had a ‘serious’ expression as she spoke, “The future of the world rests on this sword!”

Lin Feng was stumped. ‘I nearly believed you when you spoke like that. Is it really okay to be this chuuni?’

Shi Sheng laid down some ground rules for them. If they were her people, then they would need to play by her rules. And these rules were rather simple. It really just boiled down to two words: Obey her!

“Get off.” Shi Sheng hugged White Tiger as she got off the car first, followed closely by Qian Li. There were a lot of people in the queue, outside of the safe-zone, waiting for their turn to go in. Shi Sheng and gang were far behind—far enough that they had to stretch out their necks to be able to even see the gates.

The people waiting outside were either cautiously guarded, greedily sizing people up or, as was evident from the state of the majority, had sunk into despair. This last type was the most commonly seen type after the apocalypse began. Even if they entered the safe-zone, they wouldn’t be able to live long.

“How long is this going to take?” Little Fatty had just checked out the front of the queue and run back to report. “The queue looks very long. Some have been queueing for four to five days and they still haven’t gotten in yet. ”

“Isn’t there a special entrance for ability users?” Shi Sheng furrowed her brows lightly. No matter which safe-zone it was, there would always be a special entrance to examine ability users.

“Ah! I forgot to check. Lemme just go now.” Little Fatty ran towards the gates of the safe-zone again.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘I’m beginning to wonder if taking these three in was a good idea!’

B City was a large safe-zone so naturally there was a special entrance for ability users. Her three new little bros were all ability users, so Shi Sheng saw no need to reveal that weird ability of hers. As a result, she and Qian Li simply had to prove they hadn’t been bitten by stripping and allowing people to check their bodies. Once it had been verified that they had no wounds, they would be allowed into the city after a 24-hour quarantine.

It was at this point that the trio discovered their new Boss didn’t have an ability at all… Due to the violence she had displayed before, as well as the fact that chopping zombies hadn’t required the use of any ability, they had completely forgotten about this. As such, the trio were now even more resolute in their decision to follow Shi Sheng.

While Shi Sheng was stuck in quarantine, her three little bros went to find a place for them to stay and scouted out the safe-zone.

The safe-zone was currently accepting Nuclei in transactions. On the way, their group had chopped up quite a few zombies so they had plenty of Nuclei. Qing Yu managed to secure an apartment with three bedrooms and a living room for them.

Shi Sheng found that, excluding the gluttonous Little Fatty, Qing Yu and Lin Feng were quite useful.

“Boss, should we go and register as a mercenary band?” Lin Feng spoke enthusiastically, “Mercenary bands can go for higher level missions than ordinary ability users. Boss, with your ability, I think we’ll have no problems in taking on S-class missions!”

“Have you managed to get the information I told you to get?” Shi Sheng ignored Lin Feng and spoke to Qing Yu.

Qing Yu nodded. “Yes. Qi Mingxue is a dual-ability user and the vice-captain of the Hurricane mercenary band. Her reputation in this city is quite good.”

“Dual-ability?” Shi Sheng was surprised. ‘Qi Mingxue was originally just an ice-type ability user though…’

“En. She was originally just an ice ability user but awakened a healing ability later on. This ability is more precious than a space ability—if normal people are treated in time, they won’t turn into zombies even if they were scratched!” A hint of longing appeared on Qing Yu’s face as he finished speaking. ‘If there were more healing ability users, then there wouldn’t be so many people who turn into zombies because they got scratched.’

Seeing the expression displayed by Qing Yu, Shi Sheng sighed inwardly. ‘Needs more brainwashing so he doesn’t act soft while doing stuff for me.’

Shi Sheng knew what was up with Qi Mingxue’s ‘healing ability’. The spirit spring in Qi Mingxue’s space had healing properties. ‘She didn’t reveal it in the storyline so why…’

“Boss, what did you want to investigate her for?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. “She’s a celebrity in the safe-zone right now. I heard her ability was already at the third stage!”

“Oh, just planning something fun for her.” Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed as she smiled. The smile was terribly cold, causing the trio to shiver. ‘Just how did Qi Mingxue provoke the boss?’

“Hungry.” At this moment, Qian Li sidled up to her and shoved her hand in his mouth. When the trio saw this for the first time, their minds were blown. ‘He’s so good-looking! Yet… he turned out to be an idiot!’

Shi Sheng brought Qian Li back to her own room and nearly exhausted her ability to feed him, yet he was only half full. He hugged Shi Sheng and rubbed up against her face before releasing her and curling up in the corner by the window.

Shi Sheng sighed before grabbing him and tossing him on the bed. “There’s no need to keep watch anymore.”


Shi Sheng, “…”

Author’s note:

To tell the truth, I’m feeling very miserable since you guys aren’t voting…


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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