SSWF Chapter 17: Protecting You Guys

Drumroll please!!!!! Guess what! Like our friends at  Side Character Transmigrations, we will start releasing extra chapters on the 1st of each month.  We will release 2 chapters on the 1st of each month. The 1st of May happens to be on a Tuesday so you guys will get the 2 additional chapters plus the normal Tuesday release today!  Enjoy the 1st out of 3 releases from Shi Sheng’s BIGGEST fan    *Click Here*

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Translator: TTNR
Translation-Checker: Omniblob
Editor: Chrissy
Proofreader: XiaoXuan





I prefer to lurk…passively judging everybody and everything from the safety of my computer screen but decided to step out and try my hand at translating. 🤓 I hope you all enjoy reading along as we follow our female lead’s story and cackle as she gets her revenge! 😈 (Yes, I’m THAT person) Enjoy!!! 🤗

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