Chapter 13: My Life is for Me

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Li Fengnian climbed up from the ground and pounced on Yu Linglong: ” Fourth Miss, this servant knows her wrong! I beg you to spare this servant, this servant will never do it again!”

Yu Linglong’s white as jade face revealed a sarcastic smile: “How could I not understand what you said? I kindly gave you my food to eat, how did it become me wanting to harm you?”

Li Fengnian kowtowed so aggressively that it looked like her head was pounding garlic: “Fourth Miss you have a lot of things, don’t joke about this servant’s life! I won’t hide it from you, this meal…this meal is poisoned!”

Yu Linglong sneered, nonsense, of course she knew that this meal was poisoned, didn’t you want to give it to her to eat!?

From Cui mama’s first appearance, Yu Linglong had been wary of Madam Mu. As long as one thought a little they would know, Madam Mu could not kill her outright so she would naturally use a dirty trick. In this large house, what method could be used to kill people easily and quickly? Of course it was poison!

So when Li Fengnian came, she knew that there was definitely a problem with this food and tried a little experiment, it turned out as she expected.

Seeing that Yu Linglong did not speak, Li Fengnian was nearly frightened to death and the pain in her abdomen became more and more powerful. She did not dare prolong it anymore and quickly said: “Begging Fourth Miss to spare this servant’s life, this servant swears to be absolutely loyal to you in the future and will not dare to harm you again!”

Yu Linglong’s lip hooked up in a sneer: “It doesn’t matter, next time you can continue to poison. Anyway, I will still let you eat it!”

Li Fengnian’s entire body trembled, she only had one life, she would not dare to poison Yu Linglong again!

“This servant knows her wrong! Begging Fourth Miss to spare this servant!” Li Fengnian slammed her head into the ground so hard that blood appeared on her forehead.

Yu Linglong raised her pale hand and impatiently pointed toward the door: “Enough, quickly get out!”

Li Fengnian was given this big pardon and crazily stood up to leave and stumbled towards the door. She did not tarry too long as she did not know how much the poison had spread. The more anxious she became, the more afraid she became. When she arrived at the courtyard gate she immediately extended a finger down her throat and threw up.

In the room, Xuancao looked at the exquisite dishes scattered all over the floor and was scared to death, what was going on? Didn’t Madam kindly arrange a place for Young Miss to live, how could she turn around and try to poison Young Miss? Why was everything in this large household so strange!?

And, her Young Miss seemed to have completely changed into another person. Very smart but very fierce, so familiar but so strange…

Not paying attention to Xuancao’s amazed expression, Yu Linglong looked at the color of the sky outside and stood up.

After playing for so long, she was really hungry. The things in this room could naturally not be eaten, she still had to find a solution to this food problem. Furthermore, that old woman had recklessly insisted on stroking a tiger’s buttocks, she should really be taught a lesson. Otherwise, she would think that she was a piece of soft persimmon that she could pinch and knead with her fingers!

After looking for a piece of a handkerchief to wrap up her cumbersome hair into a bun, Yu Linglong walked out, Xuancao quickly followed: “Miss, where are you going?”

Yu Linglong did not answer, “You go to the second gate and wait for me, I will arrive soon!”

Before leaving, Yu Linglong snatched the latch off the door in passing.

Not bad, it was quite handy.

Xuancao looked helplessly on as Yu Linglong walked out with large strides and was suddenly confused.

Miss, why are you acting like this…


Under the lamp, Madam Mu looked at the vegetable and meat dishes covering the table but had no appetite.

“Is there any news?” She wrinkled her brows in distress as she looked at Cui mama.

Cui mama also felt very anxious and wanted this matter to be completed and had arranged for Li Fengnian to go, but why had it been so long? It was reasonable to say that Li Fengnian had suffered a loss at the hands of Yu Lingling this morning and had received Madam Mu’s order, she would definitely do things with one heart and one mind, things could not go wrong. Could it be…

Thinking of Yu Linglong’s ice cold eyes, an ominous premonition came to Cui mama’s mind.

Without replying to Madam Mu’s question, she heard a burst of noise from outside the courtyard.   

“Fourth Miss, you can’t go in!”

“Fourth Miss, allow this servant to go report it to Madam first–”

Hearing the panicked voices, Madam Mu’s face suddenly changed!

How, this Yu Linglong unexpectedly did not die, but charged into her courtyard! Was it possible that the plan failed and was leaked?

Recalling Yu Linglong violently beating so many people in front of her last night, Madam Mu could not help but tremble a little.

Hearing the distant footsteps draw closer, Cui mama was also very surprised. She really did not expect for this Yu Linglong to not die!

Seeing Madam Mu’s shocked and scared expression, Cui mama quickly said, “Madam don’t worry, how powerful is this Fourth Miss? You are her legal mother 1after all,  how could she dare to touch you? ”

After Madam Mu heard these words she was able to calm down a little but her voice shook a little when she opened it to speak: “This… What is going on?”

Without waiting for Cui mama to answer, she heard a loud bang from the door. She saw that Yu Linglong had already kicked opened the door and directly burst into the room!

Madam Mu jumped in fright and stood up subconsciously.

Yu Linglong stood proudly in the middle of the room and coldly looked at Madam Mu. Her pair of eyes were like a thousand years of ice and made people feel extremely chilled with she looked directly at them.

“You, you have big guts!” Remembering Cui mama’s words from just a moment ago, Madam Mu strongly forced herself to calm down and raised her hand to point at Yu Linglong. “Who allowed you to come in?  Still not quickly leaving?!”

That’s right, Madam Mu was Yu Linglong’s legal mother and the Madam that was in charge of the Yu household! With this identity, even if Yu Linglong had big guts, she would not dare to be deemed as unfilial to her parents!

But Madam Mu did not know that the soul in this body was no longer the humble and weak concubine born daughter, rather an all-powerful, fearless, criminal big sister!

She wanted to explain feudal ethics to her, what kind of joke was this!?

Seeing that she had reached this point and was still pretending to be pretentious, Yu Linglong was too lazy to talk nonsense with her and pulled out the latch and directly stepped forward and smashed it into Madam Mu!

“You! You dare to beat me?” Madam Mu was stunned, she really could not believe that  Yu Linglong really dared to hit her!

Cui mama quickly rushed forward to protect Madam Mu and shouted out: “Someone come quick, come and protect Madam!”

Yu Linglong looked down at the rolled up master and servant on the ground and could not help but sneer.

Last night, she had already seriously injured Madam Mu’s other lackey, Qian mama.  Several other mamas were still recovering from wounds at the moment and the remaining few, when she came in a moment ago, she had already handled them. They were still lying on the ground in the courtyard!

Therefore, in the vast courtyard at the moment, the only powerful force that Madam Mu could use was Cui mama! She wanted to see how this pampered old woman would deal with her!

Madam Mu still seemed to be unclear about the current situation, although she had been overturned by Yu Linglong, she still cursed in ager: “You damn girl, you still dare to hit me!? I am your legal mother! Let me tell you, your life is still in my hands! If I want you to live, you will live, if I want you to die, you have to die!”

Yu Linglong listened to these words and could not help but laugh loudly. At a time like this, she still said that Yu Linglong’s life was in her hands!? Had this old woman not sinisterly plotted many schemes, did she not think that one day she would be violently beaten to this state?

Slowly raising the latch, Yu Linglong’s entire body permeated an evil, hellish spirit, step by step she approached Madam Mu.

“Let me tell you, my life is for me!” The bolt slammed with the cold wind at the same time as Yu Linglong’s words!


  1. The legal wife is the legal mother of all the children in the household no matter if she gave birth to them or not. She is the only one who can be called “Mother”
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