Chapter 14: I Hate People who Pretend

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“Ai ya!” How could Madam Mu’s soft and tender skin endure this kind of violent beating, after only a little bit, she suddenly screamed in pain!

Cui mama could see things were not good and quickly rushed over and used her body to  cover Madam Mu and block Yu Linglong’s raindrop-like hits with from the door bolt and said: “Madam quickly go, this servant will block her!”

Yu Linglong sneered, this loyal dog really protected her master. Good, this big sister will help you!

Although Cui mama’s body was much sturdier than Madam Mu’s, she also couldn’t bear Yu Linglong’s violent hits. She was beaten to the ground after only three or five hits.

Yu Linglong viciously kicked her leg to make sure that this old woman would not be able to stand up again and get cocky with her, only then did she stop hitting.

This old thing dared to help Madam Mu harm her, this is exactly what she deserved!

Cui mama used her own body to give Madam Mu precious time to escape, while Yu Linglong concentrated on beating Cui mama, Madam Mu got up and stumbled towards the door and shouted: “Quick someone come! Save me!”

Madam Mu had always been aloof and remote, at this moment she did not have a trace of her majestic and wealthy image, she ran out with one thought in her mind: if she did not run, she would be killed by Yu Linglong!

How could Yu Linglong let this main perpetrator ran away, she raised the bolt in her hand and quickly threw it towards Madam Mu!

Madam Mu had just escaped into the courtyard when she was fiercely hit in the back of the head with the door bolt and softly collapsed to the ground.

In the yard, there were 12 large and small servant girls lying on the ground, they had all tried to stop Yu Linglong from entering the room a moment ago and were mowed down. Now, they saw at their own master could not escape the beating and lowered their head,  they did not even the dare to breathe.

Yu Linglong slowly walked over and glanced at Madam Mu on the ground. Madam Mu saw her look and was upset and unyieldingly said: “Yu Linglong! You dare to beat me, do you believe that I won’t throw you out of the household tomorrow!?  I want to see how you will live in the Yu household!”

Yu Linglong blinked her eyes and looked at Madam Mu with great interest.

At this time, she was still pretending!?

This old woman’s brain was filled with water, or did she still want to brainwash her with feudal ethics and even filial piety to suppress her?

What a joke, what thing could filial piety be regarded as? Not to mention, Madam Mu and her did not have the slightest blood relationship! Is she were filial or not filial, what did it have to do with Madam Mu?

In the yard, more than a dozen pair of big and small eyes stared at Yu Linglong and the air was filled with a nervous atmosphere.

Madam Mu forced himself to look at Yu Linglong but her eyes couldn’t help but glance at the blot that fell to the side. If Yu Linglong picked up the bolt again she could no longer continue pretending and could only escape.

Fortunately, Yu Linglong did not pick up the bolt but went a few steps forward.

Madam Mu was secretly pondering, could be that her words had worked? Was this rash and violent girl seriously considering her own threats? Yes, in this feudal society, if a family banished an unmarried woman, it would be very difficult to survive no matter how much they were willing!

Not waiting for Madam Mu to understand what Yu Linglong wanted to do, her collar was suddenly grabbed and her entire body was lifted up by Yu Linglong!

“Do you know, I hate people who pretend the most!”

The voice had not finished when Madam Mu’s clothes were torn open The red peony flowers and long skirt that only the legal wife had the ability to wear was suddenly in Yu Linglong’s hand.

“You–” Madam Mu’s alarmed screaming went in one of Yu Linglong’s ears and out the other, saw only efficiently tore Madam Mu’s outermost and middle garments, only leaving her dudou and underpants.

In the chilly spring, Madam Mu was shivering and couldn’t even speak.

Even if she wanted to speak,  she did not dare to say anything. She finally understood that this concubine born daughter was simply a demon, a disastrous star! No matter what she said Yu Linglong would turn a deaf ear, how could she fight against this? It was better to pretend to be a little honest so that maybe she could escape.  

Seeing Madam Mu biting her lips and dismayed appearance,  Yu Linglong sneered and picked up the bolt from the ground.

Do you think that tearing your clothes was the end of the matter? The good show has just begun!

Before, Madam Mu had been wearing such thick clothing that each hit was met with layers of resistance and was not accurate. Now it was good, she could quickly deliver quick pain to Madam Mu without resistance!

Seeing the door latch in Yu Linglong’s hands, even if she is stupid, she knew what Yu Linglong was going to do next. She didn’t mind her clothes and quickly stood up and ran towards the exit. . At the moment, she only wanted to be away from Yu Linglong, the further the better!

Therefore, the inner courtyard of the Yu household staged such a scene: in the cold wind, the majestic Madam of the Yu household wearing only a dodou and underpants fled barefoot, following close behind her, waving the door latch was Yu Linglong!

Madam Mu had been spoiled since childhood, how could she run away from Yu Linglong? She had not run very far when caught by Yu Linglong and was fiercely hit with the door bolt. Madam Mu was consumed with pain and tried to flee many times but was caught by Yu Linglong and was hit by the bolt again.  

Seeing the fierce nature of Yu Linglong, there was not a servant in the entire Yu household inner courtyard who dared to save Madam Mu!

In the end, Madam Mu laid exhausted on the ground, she couldn’t run anymore. She had run away again but was not hit by Yu Linglong as Yu Linglong had also exhausted herself.

Looking at the not angry or rude face of Yu Linglong, Madam Mu’s proud eyes finally revealed a pleading expression: “You … you don’t hit…”

The bolt she had used to hit her was switched from her right hand to her left, Yu Linglong’s beautiful face showed a faint smile.

All of the heroes could not stand her big stick, let alone an insignificant Madam from the Yu household. Now she knew how to beg for mercy, why didn’t she do it earlier?

“I will give you anything you want,  I beg you don’t hit…” Madam Mu’s body hurt and her bare skin was covered with purple bruises, she looked shocking.

Yu Linglong looked down and checked her own results. En, although she had not been badly mangled or mutilated, she was already covered in bruises. Looking at it was still satisfactory, she estimated Madam Mu would remember this for a long time.

Regarding those who disobey her, Yu Linglong usually had no patience. She had always beaten first and asked questions later, it seemed that this principle was equally effective in ancient times.

“You want to make me stop? It is possible, bring out the silver!” Treating her like a fallen dog, Yu Linglong has never had any sympathy.

What kind of joke was this, who wanted to send her into a deathtrap just a moment ago? Whoever showed kindness towards those who wanted to harm them was the biggest fool in the world.

Even if the culprit crawled under her foot and pleaded for mercy,  she would never have the slightest bit of compassion.

In the dim light of the night, Yu Linglong’s peerless face was filled with an evil expression, it made all the people present not dare to look straight at her.


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