The Moon’s Shadow

Looming over the bright sky
A dark, commanding presence
Covering the day with darkness
Taking away the warmth

A rare sight to behold
Of the moons magnificence
Often forgotten and untold
Yet no eyes dare to see

A presence of fear
A presence of gloom
A rare sight to behold
With no one watching

No broad smiles
No gasps of awe
Only shakes and chills
And eyes shy with dread

A silent tear
A quiet weep
A quick escape
Before its heart break

Never did it mean for this
Never did it want this
Never did it wish
To be denied like this

All it longs for, it never sees
Lively children along the field
The hustle bustle of humans
Warm days it never had

The moon’s shadow loomed
Over the sky with gloom
Soundlessly it disappears
Hoping for something not fears

Taking on a different form
To one that’s a bit more warm
It steps onto earth to roam
Longing for a welcoming home

The moon’s shadow is only seen during a solar eclipse, 2 – 4 times a year. That’s rare enough~

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