Demon Lord, Retry! – Volume 1 Chapter 3 – Demon Lord & Aku

It’s finally up! I had to go out of town suddenly, so I wasn’t able to post it as soon as I would have liked. But this chapter includes a cute character sketch of Aku!

Volume 1 Chapter 3: Demon Lord & Aku

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Translator: Kittenbitten
Proofreader: Caelum

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  1. Bofhen · Feb 21, 2018

    Thx for the chap really bin Curious about this Novel after my friend told me about it but sadly i cant read the original language so thx for your work =D

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  2. Mike · Feb 2, 2018

    Hi and thanks for the chapter. Do you have a regular schedule?

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    • Kittenbitten · Translator · Feb 4, 2018

      Unfortunately, I can't translate very regularly, so I'm just posting things as I get time. So no regular schedule. Sorry.

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