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Three facts about me:

1.I procrastinate
2.Last minute of hugging Buddha’s leg is my forte
3.And…did i forget to mention that I’m lazy?

Perfect Superstar

Perfect Superstar Staff Interview

1) Can you sing/play an instrument? What music genre do you like best?

I’ve played the percussion and clarinet before, but not really that proficient in it !
Whereas for music genre, I would say I prefer Mandopop~ and songs that has a catchy beat~~

2) With 1 being a common pleb and 10 a superstar, rate your idol-ness level!

Cough, cough Can I choose 0 ? 

3) What’s your translation team like?

Hmm my translation team? Honestly I feel that all the members are very mature and they take the initiative to do things too, especially when I go MIA for a period of time. Sorz team members 

Perfect Superstar Chapter 23

MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOB FAMILY ARMYYY!!!!! Thanks for waiting for us! We’re back guys, woohoo! With a new member to our Blob6 too! So, expect a stronger performance \o/ Have you checked out our staff interview btw? Here’s the chapter you’ve been waiting for! Translator: DRZero Editor: Xiao Tian Bao Proofreader: Canary

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 3

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay. Finals and a whole bunch of other deadlines got in the way but I managed to force out Chapter 3 somehow. Unfortunately Chapter 4 will not be coming out before the hiatus. The hiatus officially starts today and will be ongoing until Christmas Day. We will be stockpiling away

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 22

Hey guys, I was coerced to be the bearer of bad news. Nobody else was willing to break it to you guys but we will have a brief hiatus the next two weeks. Maknae abuse~ . Unfortunately, as the holidays are coming around, many members of the team (namely me) will be busy with finals, college

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 2

Oops, did I forget to mention that there were 2 chapters? Enjoy Chapter 2! (I valiantly sacrificed my 105 in politics for a measly 102 because of this chapter. I want to hear praises in the comments.) JOIN THE BLOB FAMILY ARMY! 

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