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Three facts about me:

1.I procrastinate
2.Last minute of hugging Buddha’s leg is my forte
3.And…did i forget to mention that I’m lazy?

Perfect Superstar

Perfect Superstar Staff Interview

1) Can you sing/play an instrument? What music genre do you like best?

I’ve played the percussion and clarinet before, but not really that proficient in it !
Whereas for music genre, I would say I prefer Mandopop~ and songs that has a catchy beat~~

2) With 1 being a common pleb and 10 a superstar, rate your idol-ness level!

Cough, cough Can I choose 0 ? 

3) What’s your translation team like?

Hmm my translation team? Honestly I feel that all the members are very mature and they take the initiative to do things too, especially when I go MIA for a period of time. Sorz team members 

Perfect Superstar Chapter 28

Hey guys, So.. don’t beat me up for this but Chapter 28 was translated and edited like a month ago. I swear that I posted the chapter back then but apparently I didn’t… Here’s the link to the chapter. For the readers that care and have an opinion, please read the post later today. Chapter

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 26

Definitely not late or anything… Ice and snow for someone that lives in the South (United States) has me feeling really woozy and tired. We will be making some changes to the schedule in the near future but I’ll be sure to let you guys know. Chapter 26 Translator: DRZero Editor: DSS Proofreader: Kage/Olivia

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 25

Hey guys! Finally on time! Woooo! Enjoy the chapter! Fun one for you guys to enjoy. If you guys have any questions, please refer to the FAQ prior to asking in the comments. Also, if you’re interested in joining the Discord, many of us will be there to help answer questions. Chapter 25  Translator: DRZero

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 6

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update again… I swear I’m not doing this on purpose… My brother went back to college today and I was distracted because of it. This chapter was just finished and no proofreading was done just yet. However, we will update the chapter as soon as it is done. On

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 24

Hey guys! Sorry for the late release! I thought that this was queued up but apparently it wasn’t…  Lots of action in this chapter! Hope you guys enjoy! Chapter 24 Translator: DRZero Editor: Xiao Tian Bao Proofreader: Canary

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