Perfect Superstar Chapter 19


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Happy thanksgiving! As thanks for reading us we have 2 chapters 

Chapter 19 is really exciting! Aren’t you curious who called?

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Oh and Blob Translation is still recruiting! Whether you speak moonrunes or not, we’ll be welcoming all who wants to get involved. And Perfect Superstar & Lord & Dragon are looking for proofreaders! All you need is decent english and to contact us through NUF or send us a message here and tell us what you’ll be interested to help out as: translator, translation-checker, editor or proofreader.

What I really like in this group is Head Manager, Lady Frost Well there are other people too like punny Blobber, bullied Osa, workaholic Alice, expresstrain Wenhui, maknae DSS and many many manyyy more! (proofreader grammar fail orz)

If you wanna see what’s it like to be in a group, we have blobs


Translator: DRZero
Editor: DSS
Proofreader: Canary

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  1. So sad I can't read chapter 3-9 to find out what happened...
    Thanks for the chapter!~

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    • Canary · Proofreader · Dec 10, 2017

      Hello! Sorry the translation team is going on hiatus for exams and holidays but we'll be giving the past chapters as christmas gift, so look forward to that ^^

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