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Her Blobness Bunny loves to learn new things. When she’s not looking for another online class to join, she watches how to- videos on YouTube! She’s a very dedicated shipper who will go above and beyond what is expected. Some people say that she’s shameless, but she’s really very shy!

Lord and Dragon Staff Interview:

1) If you could be in the shoes of an L&D character for a day, who would it be and why?

I am intrigued by the Snow Witch. I’m curious about her story. How did she ever fall for somebody like Lord Cyth and how did he inspire such selfless devotion. I wonder if he ever did appreciate her sacrifice or did he just dismiss it as sheer stupidity.

2) Which L&D race do you personally prefer for yourself/partner — dragon, demi-god, elf or human?

I’m biased towards humans! I love my own!

3) What’s your team like?

Our team is like a cool refreshing glass of halo halo 2. We each have distinct roles to play much like the ingredients of the halo halo-all sweet and fluffy working together in perfect harmony. The result is a symphony of flavors.

4) Do you have any planned projects after L&D?

I don’t have anything planned after Lord and Dragon. I just take it as it comes. But I am working on something for the site so stay tuned.

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear from you so don’t forget to leave a comment. We are constantly working on improving our site so please send us a feedback on how we can do better. Thanks!

Lord and Dragon Chapter 20

Happy Valentines Day! ‘Tis a holy day when ships unfold their masts and set sail all on their own! Here’s the final chapter of Lord and Dragon! o7 Hnngh, it was a pleasure sailing with y’all ladies (and gentlemen)! Chapter 20 Translator: toomutchayuzu Editor: Agent Psyx o7 Translation Checker: blobber Proofreader: Bunny

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Lord and Dragon Chapter 19

Q: Why are dragons filthy rich? A: When you cross a long lifespan with the tendency to hoard money, you get the magic of … (drumroll please) … Compound interest!! (This is definitely a reminder to the kiddos out there that a nickel saved today is a dollar when you retire.) Anyway, where were we?

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Lord and Dragon Chapter 18

Dragon-sama finally makes an appearance!!! Is he here to steal the bride? No, that was a stupid question — OF COURSE HE IS!!! Here’s Chapter 18~! On a sad note…the story is finally heading towards the climax, and we’re now down to our last three chapters…NoooOoooOoooooOooooOooo!!!  Translator: toomutchayuzu Editor: Agent Psyx o7 Translation Checker: blobber Proofreader: Bunny

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MYBWLY Chapter 8: Dating a Martian (2)

I had a cute interaction with my mom after we went grocery shopping. Me: *sees my mom carrying 5 bags by herself* Let me help carry some   :0 Mom: *ignores*  ._. Me: Let me help carry some   :0 Mom: … You’re like a piece of tofu   -_-;; Me: Huhh? ^^;; Mom: You’re like a piece

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