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Her Blobness Bunny loves to learn new things. When she’s not looking for another online class to join, she watches how to- videos on YouTube! She’s a very dedicated shipper who will go above and beyond what is expected. Some people say that she’s shameless, but she’s really very shy!

Lord and Dragon Staff Interview:

1) If you could be in the shoes of an L&D character for a day, who would it be and why?

I am intrigued by the Snow Witch. I’m curious about her story. How did she ever fall for somebody like Lord Cyth and how did he inspire such selfless devotion. I wonder if he ever did appreciate her sacrifice or did he just dismiss it as sheer stupidity.

2) Which L&D race do you personally prefer for yourself/partner — dragon, demi-god, elf or human?

I’m biased towards humans! I love my own!

3) What’s your team like?

Our team is like a cool refreshing glass of halo halo 2. We each have distinct roles to play much like the ingredients of the halo halo-all sweet and fluffy working together in perfect harmony. The result is a symphony of flavors.

4) Do you have any planned projects after L&D?

I don’t have anything planned after Lord and Dragon. I just take it as it comes. But I am working on something for the site so stay tuned.

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear from you so don’t forget to leave a comment. We are constantly working on improving our site so please send us a feedback on how we can do better. Thanks!

Lord and Dragon Chapter 12

Two (or well, three for the people on the other side of the world) more days until the 25th! Oh, have you guys seen the BlobTV Xmas 2017 Specials? It’s a series of 6 interviews, each day featuring the staff working on a BlobT novel. The interview for the L&D team will be on the

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Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki: Volume 5, Chapter 2

\( ̄▽ ̄)/ And we’re Live! With such good feedback from all the readers, I’ve decided to pick this novel up. Hurrah! Now that we are here, say ‘Hello’ to the great team that helped to bring you the story! In TLC, we have Caelum! Gracefully correcting all of my mistakes and making sure the translation is

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Lord and Dragon Chapter 10

Hiyo~! The L&D team has a new member now — another fellow comrade in rottenness, YoshiiQ!! With Chapter 10 as her debut work, Yoshii-senpai will be helping us out as a co-editor so kindly give her a warm welcome~

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Lord and Dragon Chapter 9

Happy Valentines Day! Eh? Wrong season……………? Oops. Have Chapter 9 anyways! Eto, the actual title of this chapter in Chinese in the raw is: “521” Weird, isn’t it? Well, actually it’s tiny bit of Chinese internet culture here. Similar to how 3/14 is pie (π) day in the US, 5/21 in China is Valentines Day

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