Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.3-6

Yay! We got a new editor. Let’s welcome SimoB~!!
Anyways, *prepares a tissue box for readers* Saw that a bunch of you guys were crying over this chapter, so here’s a bunch of tissues for you to use during this part.
This part marks the end of Chapter 3, and I would say that the ending left quite an impact, won’t you agree? (that is after you read it, of course). It was short, but definitely said all that needed to be said. With that, *looks at the next chapter and sees that it’s 11 pages* …gimme that tissue box back; I’m gonna need it…

Chapter 3: Pocket watch, Earl, and Puppet VI

Translator: Caelum
Editors: Nightcache, SimoB
Proofreader: Ars

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